WINE Not? A Grape Girls Super Bowl Exclusive

Posted on January 30, 2015



Yes, the Super Bowl is all about beer and testosterone. However, on this most athletic of weekends, we, The GRAPE Girls, found it appropriate to try to bridge the gap. When it comes to the Super Bowl, can it be “Any Wine, Any Time” or should Lo & Tee be sidelined?

To “un-cork” the answer, we took to the streets, surveying 11 of our DUDEliest dudes, asking this question:

“If you HAD to drink a wine while watching the Super Bowl, what would it be?”

Guy 1: Budweiser.

GG: Why?

Guy 1: Because they told me to.

Guy 2: Is there a Barley wine?


GG: Yes, it’s called beer.

*Fun Fact: There IS a barley wine, but it’s a version of ale from England. Sooo, beer. Gotcha. Thanks, Guy 2. The answer is still no.

Turns our that 27% of the guys surveyed felt that the perfect Super Bowl wine would be Sangria.

GG: Why Sangria?

Guy 4: I can drink multiple glasses…not feeling full of wine

Guy 7: It’s delicious and you don’t have to worry about your drunk friend drinking all of your good wine.

Guy 3: It feels like a party drink. Goes well with nachos and wings.

Makes sense. Bang for your buck while exercising damage control. And priorities.

When pressed for an actual varietal, the guys huffed and puffed, but got super specific.

Guy 5: [I’d drink] A Willamette Valley Pinot Noir. I’d rather support a team from the Pacific Northwest and a wine from that region (I’m a Bears fan, though) than a New England team who is a borderline cheater- i.e. “DeflateGate”.

*Deflate Gate: The controversy surrounding allegations that the New England Patriots (a team in the Super Bowl) knowingly used under-inflated balls in a very important game against the Colts*

Haha. Balls.

When it came down to the question of red or white, the vote was a 50/50 split.

Guy 6 (Red Wine): Red cause it actually has flavor while white wine just feels like cold juice or something.

Guy 4 (White Wine): Gotta go white wine…pairs with spicy food, since Super Bowl is one time a year where nachos are a must. Low alcohol too….it’s a marathon, not a sprint, y’know? Don’t want to be the drunk guy at the party.

Guy 9 (White Wine): If I HAD to drink a wine, I would go for something like a Sauvignon Blanc. Light and goes with everything.

Guy 10 (Red Wine): My favorite is a Cabernet because it’s bolder and goes with most foods.

Guy 11 (Red Wine): Malbec.

Guy 1 (White Wine): Something light and white. Maybe something from Australia.

Then Guy 8 pushed Red towards the end zone–

Guy 8: I would go with a jammy Zin. Higher octane and it is going to have to stand up to a lot of food throughout the day.

But then Guy 2 threw a flag on the play, bringing back the tie–

Guy 2: Straight up wine? Probably something sweet. Like Moscato or Riesling.

And in a shocking double back play, Guy 6 took White in for the win–

Guy 6: But I might pick white wine for the game ’cause red has such a soporific effect.

sop·o·rif·ic  adjective  
tending to induce drowsiness or sleep.
Thanks, Guy 6 for that 7 point, verbal field goal.
The result? Of the nine football fellas that notably chose either a red or a white, white wine wins with a 55% vote.
The conversation then turned to food pairings and Guy 10 had some interesting thoughts:
Guy 10: The most versatile is usually Pinot Noir, which can work with chicken or beef. Though, if you’re having spicy food, Malbec can be a good choice.
Guy 11 agreed.
Guy 11: …it [Malbec] has a kick to it.

Super Bowl. Nachos. Red. White. What is the take away here? 

That whether it’s with fancy dinner or a group of buds celebrating athletic achievements, wine is a welcome guest and everyone is making room- not just The Grape Girls.

So, is there really a wine for any time? The answer is a resounding YES. 

Guy 2: But I’d have to drink it out of a red Solo cup.
Thank you, Guy 2. Thank you.
Special thanks to Lamont Alexander, Malcolm Barrett, Eric Hunicutt, Brandon Scott, Ryan Paregien, Karmann Bajuyo, Daniel Johnson, Eric Dunlap, Anthony Contri, Michael Grebe, and Elimu Nelson
**Check out The Grape Girls Super Bowl commercial

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