Wine in Your Boobs…and Other Holiday Gift Ideas

Posted on December 23, 2014

Yep. Wine in YOUR. BOOBS. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, we find THAT gem and so many other fun holiday wine-inspired gift ideas for everyone on your list!

We know the best gift this holiday season isn’t one you find in your stocking, under the tree or even in your glass (though, we’ve found some pretty awesome ones there, too), but here are a few ideas for those last-minute shoppers who are stumped.

Xo, G Wine by Giuliana Rancic –


Just when we thought this mom, entertainment mogul and wife of Apprentice cutie Bill Rancic couldn’t impress us more, she DOES. With WINE. With this perfectly portioned twist on your classic wine bottle, one glass can  be just that with out the guilt of wasting or ruining the rest. The wine collection comes in Rose, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio and a Mixed Pack of red and white. Can we say…FINALLY?? Thank you, Giuliana.


The Corkcicle –



Toss that wine bucket aside! Break that decanter! The Corkcicle has you covered. Simply freeze, insert, chill and aerate all at the same time! Mind. Blown. AAANNNDDD, The Corkcicle stays cold for 45 minutes, and you’ll for sure be done with the bottle in that amount of time. No? Just us? Ok, moving on….


The Wine Thermometer by Kikkerland –



Like we said in the video, it’s like a slap bracelet and a mood ring had too much cabernet and made a baby: The Wine Thermometer. Just slap it onto your bottle and wait a clock tick: the Wine Thermometer will magically start to display the number your wine is currently chilling (or not chilling) at. AND, as if that weren’t awesome enough, it will show you the range in which your wine should be before drinking. It’s like magic, from the future.


The Flask Scarf –


I mean, if there were ever a Grape Girl item invented, I’d bet on these next two. The Flask Scarf is not only fashionable (really, it is), it’s also functional. Just fill the bladder (I know – their words, not mine) inside the scarf with your favorite cocktail or vino, grab the tube and Tip It…uh,,,Suck it and Sip it? Anyway, you get the idea. GENIUS, I tell you. And guys, you aren’t left out: There’s a Flask Tie for you as well. Work just got a whole lot more bearable.

The Wine Rack –


WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE? It holds a full 750mL bottle of wine. AND it makes your boobs look bigger. WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR??? Similar to the Flask Scarf, you simply fill the bladder, insert into the bra and suck on the tube. Don’t spend all that money on a botched boob job! Instead, get yo’self a Wine Rack that’ll get you buzzed AND busty. You heard it here first. Trust us. It’s all the rage in Liechtenstein.

Happy Holidays from your favorite lushes! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season with friends, family, wine and wonder. See you in the New Year!


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