Why We’re in L-O-V-E With Rebel Coast Winery

Posted on April 21, 2016


What do you do when Adventure calls?

You answer, that’s what. And boy are we glad we answered THIS call. To press “dismiss” from a call from Rebel Coast Winery, the fun-filled, dynamic, anything-BUT-stuffy winery that’s currently making waves and shaking up the wine world in a BIG way, is to miss out on the most memorable of questionable decisions…even if you don’t remember them.

The great trifecta of Rebel Coast wines: Reckless Love Red Blend, Reckless Love Chardonnay, and Sunday Funday White Blend.

The great trifecta of Rebel Coast wines: Reckless Love Red Blend, Reckless Love Chardonnay, and Sunday Funday White Blend.

The First Time We Answered The Call

We, The Grape Girls, first got the call during an admin session late one evening when Adventure directly FaceTimed us. There we sat amidst paperwork and design concepts, tending to the wreckage of a pepperoni pizza (shout out Postmates) when we heard the all-too-familiar tinkle of an iPhone communiqué.

In this instance, Adventure presented itself in the form of Doug and Chip, the youthfully mustachioed cowboys and 2/3 of the trifecta that started Rebel Coast. The mission? To trade our video chat for the hands-on “rebel” experience at their beach mecca headquarters. No strangers to impulse, we responded appropriately – addressing the most delicate of issues first: “…but what about the pizza?”

The rest is epic history. We loaded ourselves up and headed to the coast. The REBEL coast.

The headquarters for Rebel Coast Winery are exactly what you would expect – unexpected. It epitomizes the essence of all things “rebel”- full rebel, ALL rogue. Wonderful in its juxtaposition, the space is equal parts Pirate-Western-Frat house, equal parts Spanish-style architecture- complete with the backdrop of rolling hills and beach-scapes. Their merch? Perfection – everything from mustache temporary tattoos to trucker hats donning one of their iconic mottos, “Don’t Be A Dick.”

Cowboy-Rebel Doug uses power tools. Grape Girl Tee offers guidance.

Cowboy-Rebel Doug uses power tools. Grape Girl Tee offers guidance.


The hedgehog came after the queso, but BEFORE the rattlesnake and the Margarita room…

Warmly greeted by our hosts upon our arrival (blowtorch in hand), we were ushered into their garage-turned-woodshed/wardrobe/wine hut as they completed their latest DIY project, a pair of wooden frames constructed from debris found on the grounds of Doug’s ranch. Swathed in a pair of their vintage fringed jackets (Hugh Hefner has it ALL wrong), we perched ourselves atop some sort of motorcycle, and swigged delicately from a procured bottle of “Sunday Funday”.

It was as we were getting the grand tour, a glass of mouth-siphoned homemade port in each of our hands, that we stumbled upon the kitchen and Chip’s homemade queso, the delightful Tex-Mex dip concocted with cheese, cheese, spices, meat, and cheese. Following one deliciously poor decision with another, we ascertained that the BEST way to inhale this soupy goodness is with Doug’s house-cured beef jerky. So we did that. Over and over again.

The Grape Girls learn, in the BEST way, this is not your parent's winery.

The Grape Girls learn, in the BEST way, this is not your parent’s winery.

It was in the Margarita Room, or “Margaritaville” as it’s aptly named, that we got to know the fellas. While discussing life and wine over a bottle of  2013 Reckless Love, their red blend of Sonoma Cab and Paso Robles Syrah that can only be described as “being lulled to sleep by the laughter of puppies”, we realized just how much we adore these guys, boots and all. Their irreverent approach, the full embodiment of who they are, EVERYTHING Rebel Coast Winery is an extension of these two, resulting in a warmth and welcome that is reflected in their wine. Community, family, fun. THAT’S the Rebel Coast experience. We left the beach mountain with giggles on our lips and a buzz in our hearts.

Parts are fuzzy, but friendships were made…and we couldn’t wait for our next crossing of paths.

Spoiler Alert: It usually takes a turn in the Margarita Room, but this time it didn’t.

Sidebar: Did you know that hedgehogs are REALLY cute?

Fun Fact: The Reckless Love bottle glows in the dark! 

Second Verse as FUN as the first

The next time we found ourselves in the throws of Rebel chaos was during a brainstorming meeting (and by meeting we mean happy hour) with Public Arousal Coordinator and head selfie taker herself, Rebel Raquel. We brought the cheese plate, she brought the *NEW* 2014 Reckless Love Chardonnay. One thing led to another, shenanigans ensued, hearts were shared, and before we could finish the bottle, we were on “the list” to attend one of Coachella’s hottest parties at Vestal Village, where Rebel Coast had just become an official sponsor of, to help spread the shenanigans and bring the party. Mission? Oh-so accepted.

It takes a village...

It takes a village…

To put into words all that Vestal Village is is damn near impossible, but here are a few:

Secret: The location is kept from the public, and even attendees, until mere hours before the party begins, making it the most exclusive of parties reserved for the fanciest of party-goers. This year, Vestal Village settled for 4 days by beautiful Lake Cahuilla in Indio, CA.

Hot: Yes, we’re in the desert, but that’s not the “hot” we mean. The heat we’re referring to comes from the tan-bodied, scantily-clad, cellulite-free oasis that IS Vestal Village. With some of music hottest acts performing poolside throughout the day, this party attracts the most beautiful and influential of Coachella goers. And why not? It’s the PERFECT nature-meets-urban spot, with mountain hiking, fishing, and camping for your hippie side and outdoor bars, pop-up restaurant, and VIP swag bags for your posh side.

Rebel: Perhaps the reason Rebel Coast was asked to be an official sponsor of Vestal Village is because they ARE the perfect sponsor. Vestal Village is where the rebels come to play, dance, drink, bond, forget, remember…even if you don’t consider yourself FULL rebel, Vestal Village has a way of bringing it out in you. It could be the sun, it could be the booze. Either way, if Vestal Village is a ball (and it is), then Rebel Coast is the belle of it.

I mean....come ON.

I mean….come ON.

Before the Smoke Truck but AFTER Tee got stuck in the bathroom and army crawled out…

We made a lap around the massive ocean-like pool to check out some of the other vendors there and to spread the Rebel Coast love, of course. There was a KIND bar photo booth. A game of corn hole. A Teeki pop-up store. An outdoor bar. And ALL the beautiful people and epic music in between. But hanging out at the Rebel Coast van, getting Flash Tattooed and counting the seven…nine…eleventeen bottles consumed (before noon), taking a spin on Chip’s new decked out motorcycle, doing handstands by the barrels, eating our weight in tacos, ceviche, and chicken sliders, drinking ALL the Sunday Funday we could get our hands on, and meeting new friends (hi, Heather @pair_with_us!) truly made this adventure one for the books.

We left the 2016 installment of Vestal Village with aching livers, tired bodies and FULL hearts. Again, parts of it are fuzzy, which seems to be an ongoing thing in our relationship with the rebels…and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Now Go and Get Yours

Whether it’s an afternoon at the beach, a road trip up the coast (don’t drink and drive…duh), a day at the office, a night on the town, a bad breakup….Rebel Coast Wines will ALWAYS leave you happy and wanting more. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. You can find their wines all over the U.S. and online at RebelCoast.com.  Fair warning, though: you might be tempted to do something a little crazy….which is AWESOME.

(Shout out to Chip, Doug, Kate, Raquel, Tiaan, Sabrina, Denise, Nick, and the whole Rebel Coast crew. We HEART you.)

For more on us, give us a shout on Twitter & Snapchat @thegrapegirls or Instagram @anywineanytime and use the hashtag #tipitandsipit to show us YOUR rebellious side. And share the love with @RebelCoastWinery while you’re there.


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