What Mimosas Mean to Us

Posted on November 16, 2014


A mimosa. Equal parts good time and immunity booster. A favorite among the Sunday brunch crowd (ladies who lunch are more Pinot Grigio and martini-centered), the mimosa has undergone creative transformations since its origin in 1921.

Named after the Central and South American flower of the same name, the mimosa was created by English bartender, McGarry, in the famous Buck’s Club of London. The original mimosa recipe combined two parts orange juice to one part champagne; some later versions even threw in a shot of Grenadine. What one does with ONE part champagne, The Grape Girls have no idea, however, conservative times called for conservative measures and a war had JUST ended…

Nowadays, you’ll find the mimosa to be much less measured and much more liberated. For example, travel to Basix Café in West Hollywood or Cliff’s Edge in Silverlake (www.cliffsedgecafe.com)on a Sunday morning  and you’ll find this delightful spin- take out the OJ and add a little Blood Orange. Mimosa Magic! At Basix,  you also get the lovely option of having a single or a double mimosa. What the WHAT?! Oh yeah. A double. www.basixcafe.com

The new East West brunch at Ping Pong in Washington D.C. is taking the mimosa and putting it on its head by deconstructing it, replacing OJ with bursting beads of exotic fruit (in kiwi, lychee, and passionfruit) at the bottom of a glass of lovely bubbly. http://www.pingpongdimsum.us/



Ping Pong’s take on the deconstructed mimosa

And here’s another fun take on the mimosa, courtesy of www.guestofaguest.com. Turn your drink into a brunch shooter with the help of Jello. It’s like taking college and mixing it with a very classy, upscale childhood.

Mini Mimosas

You’ll need:

1/4 cup boiling water 1 pkg (3 oz.) JELL-O Orange Flavor Gelatin 1/3 cup cold club soda CHAMPAGNE 2 fresh strawberries, each cut crosswise into 5 slices

Refrigate until solid and serve.




Regardless of the time of day, The Grape Girls FULLY support breaking for mimosas. They make us feel festive and fancy. Care-free and ladylike. Not to mention buzzed. Oh so very buzzed. A Grape Girl with a mimosa says, “Look out world! I’m fun and I’m not afraid to show it!” She is also a walking poster child for how to REALLY beat cold and flu season. Take THAT Zicam.

Whatever the reason for imbibing, this classic cocktail never disappoints. So grab your girls (or boys), pop some fizzy, and let the magic take hold.

Please comment below with your favorite mimosa blend.


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