Viognier II: Production and Stuff

Posted on April 21, 2015

HEY-OOO! Lo & Tee here, reporting for duty. Last time, we introduced you to the Viognier. It’s not just a prize-winning word at the spelling bee, it’s a potentially tasty white wine. But watch out for this one; she’s a moody one, totally affected by her terroir (terr-what? Watch and learn). Today, we explore how a Viognier is produced, taking it from vineyard to bottle to yo’ mouth. And to help us do that, we’ve solicited the help of a little Quinton Estates Viognier out of Paso Robles, California. Get ready for a hotter history lesson than the Varsity soccer coach pickin’ up a pencil, y’all.

Tip it and Sip it,

Lo & Tee

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