TRIbella. It’s To ‘TRY’ For.

Posted on June 3, 2015


The Grape Girls, Lo (right) & Tee (left), excited for their TRIbella experiment.



What’s the old adage, “If at first you don’t succeed, try TRIbella™?” Yeah. That sounds about right.

Not that The Grape Girls have failed at wine. Let’s be real. We all know by now that if there is one thing we rock, it’s drinking the vino. So what could possibly make WINE-ing it out better?

Enter TRIbella™.

Now, admittedly we, The Grape Girls, have yet to venture into the world of “aerating” wine before now. Yes, in broad strokes we know that allowing O2 circulation to pass through wine is a good thing, but we haven’t begun the exploration of why. That plan was for a later episode- the one where we discuss the truth about decanting while featuring artfully monogrammed glassware. Ah, the future…



But in the present- it’s ALL about TRIbella™, the nifty little gadget that blew our minds by blowing air into our wine. Sounds sexual? Kind of. Made our wine sexier. Waaaay sexier. Considering that we were drinking “The Prisoner,” a big, bold, sexy red blend from The Prisoner Wine Company, that was QUITE a feat. TRIbella™ boasts using the combination of “art and science” in order to “open up” red wines, bringing their inner beauty outward.

We did a tasting of the wine before TRIbella™- it was lovely and, as previously stated, BIG. A fruit forward punch at the back of the tongue that evaporated into a very dry, pepperiness at the in jaw. We then finished our glasses and poured a second, this time USING the TRIbella™.

Now, here’s the thing: before one even GETS to the wine, you’re taken aback by the presentation; the TRIbella™ comes in its own discreet little carrying case, the size of a pair of readers.

“Are those your glasses? Nope it’s my personal wine aerator.”

The TRIbella™ pours in this like… delicate arc from three beautiful, drip-free spouts. It’s mesmerizing. We, The Grape Girls were hypnotized…and THEN we tasted the wine.

We kid you not, it was like that moment in vampire movies when the newly made vampire sees and hears the world for the first time with their supersonic senses. We tasted FULL berries. FULL spices. Full EVERYTHING. The other amazing part of our TRIbella™ discovery was that it changed how we experienced the wine in our mouths. We tasted the berries at the front of the tongue and that pepperiness at the back turned into a smooth, round boldness felt in the middle of the tongue. The difference was mind-blowing. Both versions delicious. Both satisfying. However, the changes in how we tasted the wine were remarkable.

TRIbella™. YES! The Grape Girls will TRY you anytime. Here’ s to being able to perfectly breathe life into an individual glass of wine instead of an entire bottle. Sometimes a girl just needs options, you know?

A super special shout-out to TRIbella™ creator, Skip Lei, who not only made this fantastic invention, but who also takes the time to relay his thought process to his customers. Case in point: our package came with a handwritten note explaining the TRIbella™ mission and how to best experience it. We’re suckers for all things handwritten…

And we’re completely smitten by TRIbella™.

xo Lo & Tee

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