#TipItAndSipIt to 2015: A GG Flashback

Posted on December 30, 2015


Here’s the thing, y’all- when you START the year by making a drunken vision board, you KNOW it’s gonna be a good one…

To say that is an understatement and yet truer words were never uttered from the lips of these two Grape Girls. Looking back on our vision board, the first of our episodes for 2015, we are overcome with gratitude, love, and amazement. Our journey has been tremendous, a learning experience bred out of good times and public drunkeness. So, in the spirit of learning (and because people love countdowns), we’re looking back on the top 5 lessons that we learned in 2015.

5. We are Girls. And We LOVE the Grapes.

Relaxing with fruits

The Grape Girls. Always fruit-forward.

You know us, you know our theme song…You know that we like to start sentences with the word, “and” (take THAT 3rd grade). What you may not realize, or at least to its full extent, is that we LOVE what we’re doing- we’re ALL grape, ALL the time. This year got us drunk (REAL drunk) and connected with some of the most amazing people that the wine world has to offer. Our grapes helped us to become contributors for the popular online magazine, THRILLIST. Our grapes got us up the coast and into the vineyards of Clavo Cellars. Our grapes have gotten us on radio shows, podcasts- so many things. The lesson here? Maybe it’s cheesy, but love and gratitude. Loving the fact that we get to to play all day and grateful for the bounty of a fruit-forward harvest.

4. André (Hueston Mack) Is Really Cute (And So Are His Friends)

From his cool-ass graphic tees (we’re DYING for a GG edition) to his deliciously innovative wines, this “black sheep” of the wine world has inspired us through and though. That being said, imagine our delight when we were PERSONALLY invited by André to the wine party for his new collaboration with Club W and photographer Jack Ludlum, “Apparatus”, an earthy Pinot Noir done in the Oregon style. We grabbed our gloss, threw on some heels, and were there faster than you could say, “terroir.” [insert obvious GG joke]

Mouton Noir, André Hueston Mack, Jack Ludlum, The Grape Girls, Club W

André Hueston Mack and Jack Ludlum with The Grape Girls at the Club W premier of their wine, Apparatus

3. Sometimes Good Wine Smells Like Cat Pee or Dead Things

Here’s another amazing part of The Grape Girl journey of 2015- tuning our palates to crazy- ass tastes and being OK with it. Example: Our first foray into Pinot Noir where we discovered “autumnal undertones” aka “dead leaves” NOW known as “earth”. Then there was the time we identified PETROLEUM in Riesling because why WOULDN’T gasoline be in wine? Last, but certainly not least, what about when we jumped into Sauvignon Blanc only to find that it smelled like the land of cat pee and gooseberry bushes*Fun Fact: None of those aromas  (we can say “aromas” now) didn’t make it less tasty. Another Fun fact? We drank them. All. What we learned is that much like a book, you can’t judge a wine by first sniff…or really first bottle, for that matter.

2. (A) If You Build It They Will Come

Granted, we don’t really know who “they” are, but taking a lesson from this quote and the movie “Field of Dreams,” 2015 was all about believing. From believing that we could finish four bottles in one shoot to envisioning ourselves raising the funds to get us up the California coast (hello Grapes Gone Wild Epic Road Trip), this year has been all about moving forward, not necessarily with a crystal clear idea of the end goal, but with a full focus on the journey. Step by step, 2015 has taught us that believing makes any dream a reality.

*Cue the After School Special underscoring*

2. (B) …and Sometimes When They Come They Bring Haters

Guys, this is a lesson as old as time: Haters Gonna Hate. What do you do? Let them.

We learned this lesson first hand when 2015 brought us our first hate mail. Paragraphs and PARAGRAPHS of text illustrating how we give wine a bad name. Quoth one angry little man at one point in his manifesto:

“I am very serious about wine and you are not. I don’t want to sound rude or pretentious about this fact but I live and breathe wine.”

Uh…ok, dude. Trust. We live and breathe the vino too. #WineHuff ALL day. We Darth Vadar that sh%t.

Y’all- It. Was. AMAZING! We felt (and feel) like we were doing something right! From there our resolve became even stronger- to continue giving a seriously UN-serious voice to wine, haters be damned, and to make it louder than before. Like grapefruit, we’re not for everybody, but for those that can stomach The Grape Girls pucker and our irreverent acidity, we’ll make it worth your while…or (at the VERY least) we’ll at LEAST make a great face scrub (nothing brightens quite like citrus fruit).

 1. Never EVER Drink Chocolate Wine

Drop the mic in remembrance of this sweet, sweet GG moment.

We tried to make a cake with chocolate-flavored wine, but had to drink it first. It was all downhill from there, but WHAT a way to got amiright?

Like we said, it’s been a good year…no, a GREAT year. Thank you for being on this wild and crazy ride with us- we couldn’t and wouldn’t do it without YOU, the family that we’ve created. Whatever it is that you hope for, we, The Grape Girls, wish you the best of everything in 2016. See you next year! #TipItAndSipIt


Lo & Tee

We HEART you

* Shout out to Tara Q. Thomas, writer of The Pocket Idiots Guide to Wine

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