The Grape Girls: Thinking Outside the “Box”

Posted on November 21, 2014

We’re talking boxed wine. Not gonna lie, when we, The Grape Girls, accepted this mission we did so knowing full well that we would probably have to enlist the help of Aunt Advil and Uncle Gatorade when we were finished. However, much to our shock and surprise, box wine gets a bad rap. Yes, there will always be the Franzias of this world and maybe 5L of anything is just a bad idea, but when it comes to wine in a box, we definitely learned a lesson or two.


Vendage Pinot Grigio– 500mL Reg. $3.49, on sale $3 (CVS)

  • When drinking the Vendage box Pinot Grigio, you notice that it is very light in color with a very straight-forward smell.
  • You can drank her right out of the box without letting the pour sit.
  • At first sip, we tasted something fruity- according to the box, it’s pear. Yeah. We buy that. As it makes its way over and around your mouth, you may notice that is also has a very simple taste, like almost nothing. This wine is very neutral-tasting. Basically, what you see is what you get.
  • Fun Fact: On her box, Vendage points out that drinking box wine is 90% more earth-friendly than wines that are bottled.
  • Drink It With- Grilled fish, salad, and chicken

Black Box Chardonnay– 500mL Reg. $5.99, on sale $4 (CVS)

  • This particular Chardonnay was not light or crisp. Straight out of the box it’s ALL fruit. In your face. We poured a glass and drank her straightaway. Wrong decision. She needed a moment. She needed several moments.
  • The most prominent fruit is apple- apparently there’s pineapple too, but we missed that one.
  • Tastes like the oak barrels that it’s aged in- a little less so once it breathes.
  • Tastes heavier and more complicated than the Pinot Grigio
  • Fun Fact: Black Box Wine styles itself as the world’s first “super premier” boxed wine. It has also been on “Wine Enthusiasts” 27 Best Buys List since 2004.
  • Drink it With: Chicken, white fish, fruit

GG PickBlack Box Cabernet Sauvignon– 500mL Reg. $5.99, on sale $4 (CVS)

  • Drank her right out of the box and she did not disappoint. Not even a little bit.
  • From Chile
  • All of the berries and chocolate play nicely together. There isn’t ONE aroma that is fighting for your attention; this is the definition of a “well-balanced” feel.
  • A big, flavorful wine with class. She’s smooth on the tongue the whole way down. There is no surprise attack at the end.
  • Fun Fact: April 20, 1965 marks the patent date of the first “casked” or “boxed” wine. It was invented by Thomas Angove, a winemaker from Renmark, Australia.
  • Drink it With: Meat, meat, and more meat

Wine in a box. It’s like a sippy drink for adults. We were in it for the adventure- who knew we’d actually make friends?

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