The Luck of the Wine-O: The GG’s Get Lucky

Posted on March 17, 2016

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Grape Lovers!

Shamrocks. Leprechauns. Pots of Gold. Guinness. WHISKEY.

There’re PLENTY of references out there that point directly to the love, and luck, of the Irish. Yet among them all, one you won’t often find is wine. Ireland isn’t really the go-to gal for vino, after all. Well, rest easy, Grape Lover: The Grape Girls to the rescue. No, we didn’t single-handedly change the genetic terroir (terr-WHAT?) of Ireland’s landscape making it suitable for grape growing. But we DID find a number of “lucky” wines out there for your St. Paddy’s pleasure. If Jameson just doesn’t do it for ya, and the idea of Guinness makes your gag reflex perk up, then stick to the leprechaun you know and give wine a try from one of these very American lucky vineyards.

Good Luck Cellars

new+years+glcLocated in Kilmarnock, Virginia, this lucky little vineyard is the love child of two former medical professionals who turned their passion for chemistry and winemaking from hobby to business. The docs resurrected and old sand and gravel mine into a marvel of ecologic recovery: “a vineyard and winery site of magical beauty and serenity.” They have a wide variety of unique varietals, including a 2012 Sweet Shamrock Red.

Lucky Dogg Winery

1432066052671Nestled in the heart of Santa Barbara’s Wine Country, Lucky Dogg Winery opened it’s tasting room in Solvang in 2014 and has been living the lucky lifeever since. Using grapes harvested at Cat Canyon’s Verna’s Vineyard in Santa Barbara, their wines range from Rosé to Viognier to Syrah. According to their website, “Winemaker Brent’s mantra is all about balance; he refers to his methods as holistic, with an end goal of producing wines that represent the grapes’ origins in reference to both the physical traits respective terroir and their original, positive energy and all-around good vibes,”. Good vibes, good luck…good idea, Lucky Dogg!

Shamrock Vineyard

Shamrock-VineyardA vineyard in OHIO? That’s the case for lucky little vineyard Shamrock Vineyards located in Waldo, Ohio. In fact, Shamrock’s owners, Dr. Thomas and Mary Quilter, were elected into the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame in Feb. 2004 for their years of pioneering in the Ohio wine industry. Their wines are super unique and a reflection of Ohio’s wine industry, including their Shamrock Rosé and even Apple wine, comprised of 7 different apples. Would we still call that wine? I guess so.





However you’re celebrating this St. Patrick’s Day, we wanna know! Find us on Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/Facebook and use our hashtag #TipItandSipIt. Be safe, be lucky, be IRISH….if only for a day.


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