The Grape Girls Make A Cake Part One: ChocolatRouge

Posted on June 10, 2015

ChocolatRouge- Danger or Delicacy?


We, The Grape Girls, love a challenge.

It gets our synapses firing, our adrenaline pumping, our blood rushing, our….well, you get the picture.

So imagine our excitement when one of our friends in the TwitterVerse, @WashingtonWineo, shared a recipe with with us for a chocolate red wine cake. Now, you may be thinking,

“It’s a cake. where’s the challenge in that?”

Ok. We get that.

However, the interesting part was not in the MAKING of the actual cake (though we admit that cooking isn’t our leading specialty), but in the ingredients. The main ingredient? ChocolatRouge.


You may ask yourself,

“What IS ChocolatRouge?”

Oh. It’s a chocolate-infused red wine. No, we didn’t stutter. ChocolatRouge is a CHOCOLATE-infused red wine.

No stranger to either wine or chocolate, we set out on a mission to not only make a wine cake, but to understand what happens when two of our favorite things operate as a unit.

In the spirit of our catch phrase, “Any Wine, Any Time”, we, The Grape Girls, set out to uncover just that. Our first order of business? A taste test.

This interesting ChocolatRouge idea comes in three varieties: a Sweet Red Blend, a Milk Chocolate, and a Dark Red Blend; for our recipe, we used the Milk Chocolate because “duh”.

What we discovered in drinking this most interesting combination was….well….interesting.

Milk chocolatey? Yes. Creamy? Uh-huh. WITH Alcohol? Indeed.

It’s not for everyone, this ChocolatRouge. If you like Bailey’s Irish Cream, or Yoo-Hoo with a boozy bent, this bottle has your name ALL over it. Be sure to serve it chilled and maybe in anything other than a wine glass; trick your mind into forgetting that wine is even a part of this wild concoction.

For The Grape Girls, ChocolatRouge was all it said it would be and we can’t be mad at that. I mean, we COULD, but we’re not. The lesson here? Know your limits. And we do….now. Hard Grape Girl limit- mixing chocolate with wine and then trying to drink it. Yup, we love chocolate. Yup, we love our wine. But maybe  (just maybe) not together.

BAKING, however, is a whole other story.

Stay tuned for The Grape Girls Make A Cake Part Two: The Grape Girls Make A Cake.

xo Lo & Tee

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