The GG’s Go Global: Italian Flair with Corvezzo Wines

Posted on January 12, 2016


Ciao, Grape lovers!

The Grape Girls LOVE all things Italy. We like-a the pizza, we like-a the pasta, we like-a the WINE. Oh boy, do we like-a the wine. So when Corvezzo Wines came a-callin’ and asked us to #TipItandSipIt with their organic Prosecco and Spumante, we were like-a, DUH.

Corvezzo Wines (Fancy Italian for ‘Yummy Goodness’, allegedly)

The good people of Corvezzo sent us three, count ’em, THREE wines to try (because they’re just good like that): Terra di Marca Prosecco, Terra di Marca Prosecco Bio, & Ikaro Raboso Spumante. But before we dive into the goods, let’s talk about why Corvezzo is so awesome.

Taking a peek around their website, you immediately discover that this family is as passionate about taking care of the environment as they are about making amazing wine. In fact, they not only believe it’s “the way forward” but also their responsibility to restore the world through environmentally conscious farming and wine making focused on sustainability. How, you ask? Well….

  • Organic farming – using exclusively natural methods at all stages of production, from planting to processing. That means no chemical fertilizers, no herbicides, no antibiotics and no, zip, zilch GMOs found here.
  • Sustainability – recycling waste materials and consciously replenishing the soil from which the harvest comes from, maintaining a respect for the environment and a balance in the soil. This also means that the land is cultivated without the use of chemical fertilizers and weed killers.
  • Thermal energy – Corvezzo aims to produce thermal energy in the future using the biomass (huh? Oh, BIOMASS – noun – the total mass of organisms in a given area or volume) derived from the winter vine pruning process. So hot, it’s cool, guys. Way to go, Corvezzo.

Get to the Goods

prosecco_bioWe started by drinking the Terra di Marca Prosecco Bio (Italian for organic) DOC (stands for Denominazione de Origine Controllata – the label of quality control for Italian food and wine). Sure, she’s got a long name, but she spent a short amount of time in our glass, so was so refreshing to drink. This super acidic, highly citrus wine looks and tastes and feels more like a lemonade in your glass than a wine. Her cloudy complexion is due to the fact that she’s unfiltered (much like Grape Girl Tee). The Grape Girls came to the conclusion that this sparking wine felt like a kombucha wine – you feel like you’re doing yourself a healthy favor to drink it. Hey, works for us! The bonus awesome thing about this wine? Corvezzo suggests it pairs best with pizza. HUZZAH!

“The centuries-old passion for viticulture, and sincere love for the land, comes a product that represents the present and the future of the Family Corvezzo. Extremely fine, and for this reason even more valuable, Terre di Marca Prosecco contains Bio the true taste of nature lovers with passion and guards its precious fruits.”

By the way, we highly suggest you tinker around their Organic Prosecco site, Not only is it lovely and entertaining to look at, but it’s highly educational without being, well, a snooze-fest.


We then shifted our focus to the Terra di Marca Organic Prosecco Millesimato (Italian for vintage) DOC. A more traditional looking and tasting Prosecco, with it’s sparking bubbles and light, transparent color, this smooth wine was less acidic than her unfiltered counterpart, and with just a touch of sweetness, felt like the perfect “meet me after work for happy hour and let’s celebrate my new pair of shoes” kind of wine. A touch more fruit forward as well, she’s much easier to drink. And what does she pair best with, according the Corvezzo? Ham. But not just any ham, oh no. San Daniele ham. A sweet and delicate ham, “tasting this ham is an experience like no other, a voyage through the senses, from smell to taste, because San Daniele ham knows how to give great pleasure to those who surrender themselves to its generous spirit.” Well, wave the white flag, because The Grape Girls surrender to the ham and wine coma.


Finally, we turned our glasses to the Ikaro Raboso Spumante Dry, a red sparkling wine that is to-DIE-for delicious. Made from 100% Raboso grape, a red grape known for being super acidic, but if done right, makes a balanced wine with herbed and black currant flavors, this provocative and intense bubbly red is also bursting with strawberry, blueberry and raspberry notes that makes this wine instantly gratifying to drink. No need to sip, swish and swallow this wine; she lands perfectly on your palate with her bright flavors, and goes down smooth and easy. Suggested pairing from Corvezzo is a Venetian stew, including “chicken, tongue, cotechino sausage and beef shoulder”….I’m not gonna knock it, ’cause I haven’t tried it, but I think I’m a-ok with making a meal out of the wine alone.


And there you have it. Three very different wines from one very awesome place. For more information about Corvezzo, their wine and their do-good approach to making it, visit their websites ( and There you can also sign up for their newsletter and be the first to know when news comes out of the cellar. We can’t wait to visit the winery in person – if you beat us there, let us know what you think! Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and now Snapchat (@thegrapegirls) to show us YOUR wine shenanigans!

Until next time… #TipItandSipIt!


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