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Bruce Patch Wines, Part 1 – Put Your Red (Zin) Dress On

Bruce Patch Wines Sent Us Some Vino and WOAH. Hi GrapeVine! Lo & Tee here for Bruce Patch Wines, our newest and dearest inter-web friends. When they reached out to us and said, "Hey, we have this DELISH wine we think you guys would L-O-V-E, can we send you some?", we were like "Um, YES. And twice on Sunday,". Seriously, the best part of our job is finding ...

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No Tricks, ALL Treats! Halloween Wine + Candy Pairings

Happy Halloween, Grape Vine! Keeping with what we do best this Halloween (hint: it's not make up....see video below), we decided to give some suggested pairings a good ole college try and give you our REAL thoughts. You may have seen a pairing chart we threw up on our blog a couple of Halloween's ago. Missed it? Don't worry, we got it back for you. Once again, ...

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BAM BAM In Bedrock: A Journey Into Zinfandel

 When we say "bedrock" what comes to mind? A modern, neanderthal family jogging a car down a prehistoric highway? Maybe a dinosaur crane lifting boulders to the top of a caveman skyscraper? Flintstones. Flint. Stone. Bedrock. All of these things are true AND so is the fact that Bedrock also happens to be the name of our latest journey into the world of ...

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Zinsanity: A Wild Walk With Zinfandel

Hey. Ho. It's Lo! And Tee! The Grape Girls! Ready to run down a river of jammy, earthy, cocoa-y dreams with our new pal, Zinfandel. Now, before we jump in and start telling you all the things we love (and a few things we hate) about her, there's a few things you oughta know. 'Cause the love that you gave that we made wasn't able to make it enough for you to be ...

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