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Vee-On-Yay III: The End.

Hey there, wine seekers! Lo & Tee here. We've reached the end of our Viognier road. Today, we thought we'd try just ONE more varietal, you know, just 'cause. With the help of Vogelzang Viognier from Santa Barbara, CA, we review all the big words and history lessons we've explored for the past few weeks. Kinda like a Cliff's Notes version of Viognier, for ...

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Viognier II: Production and Stuff

HEY-OOO! Lo & Tee here, reporting for duty. Last time, we introduced you to the Viognier. It's not just a prize-winning word at the spelling bee, it's a potentially tasty white wine. But watch out for this one; she's a moody one, totally affected by her terroir (terr-what? Watch and learn). Today, we explore how a Viognier is produced, taking it from vineyard ...

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The Grape Girls. Putting the “V” in Viognier.

Cold? Cranky? Tired of winter? Never fear, the Grape Girls here and ready to help you shake off that chill. We're summoning spring with our month long adventure into the wonderful world of Viognier. We'll even teach you how to SAY it... if you're nice. Bottoms Up, y'all. Let's Tip It and Sip It.  

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A Moment With Pinot. Noir, That Is.

The lights dim. The smoke swirls. Somewhere a random drum beats in a syncopated rhythm, announcing Pinot Noir as she approaches….no, not "approaches"…sashays towards us. Are we moving in slow motion or is she just that sexy? Her delicate, light neck flowing into a medium body, she displays a seductive label that looks painted on; as if it were made just for ...

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On Toasting, Thanks, and Good Cheer

Sláinte!  Salud! A la votre! Cin cin! Proost! Na zdravi! There are a million ways to say it, but the sentiment is the same- "To your health!" A common phrase of good cheer repeated frequently this time of year. Whether uttered, whispered, shouted, slurred, or chanted, this kind gesture celebrates guests and hosts alike, making all feel the warm welcome of ...

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Yoga and Mimosas – Malibu Wines

The Grape Girls here and reporting for duty!! What's Shakin' On Our Vine? Great news! We've gotten our very first backers on our Kickstarter and couldn't be more excited. Thank you to you very special people (you know who you area) for your love and support. Every donation made brings us closer to getting off of the vine and into the glass. New Adventure:...

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