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What Mimosas Mean to Us

A mimosa. Equal parts good time and immunity booster. A favorite among the Sunday brunch crowd (ladies who lunch are more Pinot Grigio and martini-centered), the mimosa has undergone creative transformations since its origin in 1921. Named after the Central and South American flower of the same name, the mimosa was created by English bartender, McGarry, in the ...

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Ode to Gary Vaynerchuk

THIS is for you.      

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A Conversation With Chardonnay

    Chardonnay. The "Jack-of-all-trades" white wine. Both foreign and domestic, she is the friend that has a place at every table. Though, historically she isn't the life of the party, she IS the Grande Dame, the great orchestrator. The omnipotent one. We took a moment and sat down with this legend for a one-on-one. She arrived, ...

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Trick or Treat (but, like, for wine): How to pair Wine with Candy

With Halloween around the corner, it's no secret that there will be temptation everywhere (and we're not just referring to your decision to go as Foxxy Fullback again this year). But have you ever thought, "Gee, I wonder what wine would be awesome to drink as I dig into this giant 3 1/2-pound bag of cherry Pull-n-Peel Twizzlers," well...you're in luck. The Grape ...

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The Grape Girls’ Kickstarter

The Grape Girls have launched their Kickstarter campaign! This is such exciting news as we are one step closer to bringing you a full season of wine tips, wine sips and a whole lotta shenanigas. But we need your help. Kickstarter is an ALL-OR-NOTHING campaign, which means, we either raise all $15,000 by the end of 60 days or we get nothing. And nothing makes us ...

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Yoga and Mimosas – Malibu Wines

The Grape Girls here and reporting for duty!! What's Shakin' On Our Vine? Great news! We've gotten our very first backers on our Kickstarter and couldn't be more excited. Thank you to you very special people (you know who you area) for your love and support. Every donation made brings us closer to getting off of the vine and into the glass. New Adventure:...

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