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Cloie Wyatt Taylor: To a Tee

Getting to Know Grape Girl Tee Sometimes, you meet someone and you’re like, “Huh. Ok.” And then sometimes, you meet someone and you go, “WOAH. Stop the presses. Hold the phone. This person is a game-changer.” The later was definitely my first impression of our Grape Girl Tee STRAIGHT out of the gate: intriguing, smart, oh-so-beautiful, slightly mysteri...

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L’amour and Louis Jadot

Bonjour, Grape Lovers! And another happy #WineWednesday to you. How are you gonna #TipItandSipIt today? We were over the moon recently when we received a little care package at the GGHQ doorstep. The sender? The lovely Jenna on behalf of Louis Jadot wines. Remembering we had connected with Jenna via Twitter in the months prior, we were super excited to try ...

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#MomWine: A Brief Historical Look into the Wines They Love Best from the Women Who Deserve It Most

“Mom Wine”. It’s a thing. If ever there was a group of people that deserved a drink at the end (or beginning) of a day’s work, it’s moms- steadfast and ever-supportive. So what’s with the new concept of “Mom Wine” and the culture surrounding it? From wine coolers and Merlot to screw tops and single-serves, moms have been “Tipping It and ...

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Star of ‘Bleed’ Elimu Nelson Talks Horror & the Boot-n-Rally

  The Grape Girls + Elimu Nelson + ClubW = SHENANIGANS. Whaddup, Wine Lovers...Happy #WineWednesday! Spring has SPRUNG in all it's beautiful, floral, allergy-ridden glory. How are you WINE-ing into spring? Hey...'member when we took a look at the new movie Bleed, out NOW on iTunes and Video On Demand and in theaters in San Francisco, Tampa and Phoenix? ...

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Hey Club W…We Tasted Your Cookies and Here’s What We Found

We are Girls. And We like the COOKIES. Well, sometimes. You may have recently read an article by Club W where they paired Girl Scout cookies with some of their wines. Well, we, The Grape Girls, NEVER the ones to shy away from a challenge, saw said article and decided to put their pairings to the test. After all, it's one thing to read about it, but it's a whole ...

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Cat *beep* On A Gooseberry Bush: Our First Time with Sauvignon B.

There are many unexpected flavors in this world...and most of them can be found in wine. From oak to earth to barnyard, there really isn't an element in nature whose flavor goes unrepresented. That being said, imagine our surprise when we encountered an unexpected sniff of life in our discovery of "Muddy Water," a 2013 Sauvignon Blanc out of Waipara, New ...

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