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Making Math Edible: Happy “Pi” Day from The Grape Girls

Happy Monday, Grape Lovers. And Happy Pi Day! Ahhh, March 14....the day before Shakespeare's ominous Ides, three days before we all embrace our Irish side, a seemingly normal day in the middle of a blooming month. Yet 3/14 has become a day among days in the mathematics world. Remember in high school when you learned about Pi (Greek letter "π"), the infinite ...

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Gobble Gobble Grape Girl Style

Gobble Gobble, Y'all! Happy Thanksgiving! Ahh, yes, the day we put aside our acknowledgement of calories and carbs and glutens galore and stuff ourselves much like the bird (or birds - Turducken, anyone?) we set in front of us until our belts are loosened and someone is rolling us to bed for a nice, long food coma. Thanksgiving. Thanks GOD it only happens once a ...

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