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The Grape Girls. Putting the “V” in Viognier.

Cold? Cranky? Tired of winter? Never fear, the Grape Girls here and ready to help you shake off that chill. We're summoning spring with our month long adventure into the wonderful world of Viognier. We'll even teach you how to SAY it... if you're nice. Bottoms Up, y'all. Let's Tip It and Sip It.  

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We Are Girls. And We Like the Grapes: A Manifesto

Here at The Grape Girls headquarters, we got a little iMovie happy. What initially began as a spoof on a movie trailer starring your lovable lushes, Lo & Tee, turned into a full-on video mission statement. Lights, camera.....WINE -GG

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Viva La Mustard! An afternoon with Green Mountain Mustard + Rombauer Vineyards

Lo & Tee here! Last month, via social media (twitter, y'all - get on it @thegrapegirls), we accepted the challenge from Michael at Green Mountain Mustard Company to review. Always down for some grainy goodness, we gladly accepted and Michael sent us some samples: Golden Grain Mustard and Merry Berry Holiday Mustard.   He even sent along some ...

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The Grape Girls: Thinking Outside the “Box”

Boxed wine. It's a thing, y'all. Watch what happens when we discover this hidden "gem".

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