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A New Year, a New American Sparkling

Hey there, Grapevine! HAPPY NEW YEAR! We're so thrilled to ring in 2017 with some exciting news: We, The Grape Girls - lovers of wine, seekers of Syrah and purveyors of Pinot - have recently been named Wine Tastemakers through Winc Wine Club! Formerly ClubW, this amazing wine club is about more than just throwing some wine in a box and sending it off to ...

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Burn This: Fire & Wine for a Grape Girl 2016

Happy 2016, Grapevine! The Grape Girls had a pretty epic 2015. We road tripped, we partied, we tipped and sipped with some of the biggest and brightest stars in the wine galaxy. We connected with so many people via social media - some fans, some foes - got our first piece of hate mail, and made a whole bunch of swag. We began new ambassadorships, started ...

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