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A Very Grape Girl Passover: Pass the Matzah, Hold the Gefilte Fish

L'chaim, Grape Lovers! And Happy Passover! For starters, let us say that neither Lo nor Tee are even a little bit Jewish. However, we have a great respect for their traditions. We also have our fair share of friends who are, so when a few of them told us that of all the Jewish holidays, Passover is often notoriously known as the least appetizing in terms of ...

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A Little Earth Day Slam Poetry Never Hurt Anyone

Hey Heyyyy, Happy Earth Day! Guys, I don't even KNOW what this video is. It came out spontaneously one night as we were shooting and about a bottle deep. Slam Poetry? Jibberish? Improv at it's best/worst? You decide. Just be sure to give Mother Earth a little extra lovin' today as you #TipItandSipIt. We HEART you, Mother Earth. The GG's Favorite Things to ...

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Making Math Edible: Happy “Pi” Day from The Grape Girls

Happy Monday, Grape Lovers. And Happy Pi Day! Ahhh, March 14....the day before Shakespeare's ominous Ides, three days before we all embrace our Irish side, a seemingly normal day in the middle of a blooming month. Yet 3/14 has become a day among days in the mathematics world. Remember in high school when you learned about Pi (Greek letter "π"), the infinite ...

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A Moment With Pinot. Noir, That Is.

The lights dim. The smoke swirls. Somewhere a random drum beats in a syncopated rhythm, announcing Pinot Noir as she approaches….no, not "approaches"…sashays towards us. Are we moving in slow motion or is she just that sexy? Her delicate, light neck flowing into a medium body, she displays a seductive label that looks painted on; as if it were made just for ...

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