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A “Reckless” Wine Cheer for Syracuse On This Final Four Weekend

Basketball. Such an energetic sport. All of that ball bouncing and squeaking... Final Four is happening this weekend and we ONLY know because our good friend, Elimu Nelson (of the famed '96 Syracuse Final Four team) told us so! He's so dreamy.... To honor this most epic championship (epic because apparently BOTH the men's and women's teams are in the ...

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GG FIELD TRIP: Del Frisco’s Grille Santa Monica

The Grape Girls do Del Friscos Grille Santa Monica, CA You know what makes us happy? What's that? Wine? Oh. Well, yeah. That's a given. Know what ELSE makes us happy? FOOD. All of the food. Now, we realize that we live in a particular section of the country where juice cleanses are the norm and there's a new gluten-free-vegan-raw-low-carb-GMO-free-organic diet you ...

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