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#MomWine: A Brief Historical Look into the Wines They Love Best from the Women Who Deserve It Most

“Mom Wine”. It’s a thing. If ever there was a group of people that deserved a drink at the end (or beginning) of a day’s work, it’s moms- steadfast and ever-supportive. So what’s with the new concept of “Mom Wine” and the culture surrounding it? From wine coolers and Merlot to screw tops and single-serves, moms have been “Tipping It and ...

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Making Math Edible: Happy “Pi” Day from The Grape Girls

Happy Monday, Grape Lovers. And Happy Pi Day! Ahhh, March 14....the day before Shakespeare's ominous Ides, three days before we all embrace our Irish side, a seemingly normal day in the middle of a blooming month. Yet 3/14 has become a day among days in the mathematics world. Remember in high school when you learned about Pi (Greek letter "π"), the infinite ...

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WINE Not? A Grape Girls Super Bowl Exclusive

  Yes, the Super Bowl is all about beer and testosterone. However, on this most athletic of weekends, we, The GRAPE Girls, found it appropriate to try to bridge the gap. When it comes to the Super Bowl, can it be "Any Wine, Any Time" or should Lo & Tee be sidelined? To "un-cork" the answer, we took to the streets, surveying 11 of our DUDEliest ...

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We Are Girls. And We Like the Grapes: A Manifesto

Here at The Grape Girls headquarters, we got a little iMovie happy. What initially began as a spoof on a movie trailer starring your lovable lushes, Lo & Tee, turned into a full-on video mission statement. Lights, camera.....WINE -GG

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The Grape Girls Ep. 1 – Wine and Dine

Lo & Tee Take on the Kitchen Challenge! Meet Lo and Tee, two lovable lushes who like to drink wine but aren't sure exactly why. In this episode, they take to the kitchen (and the streets) and consult Erika, a party-planning expert, for tips on unique ways of using wine in the kitchen.

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The Grape Girls’ Kickstarter

The Grape Girls have launched their Kickstarter campaign! This is such exciting news as we are one step closer to bringing you a full season of wine tips, wine sips and a whole lotta shenanigas. But we need your help. Kickstarter is an ALL-OR-NOTHING campaign, which means, we either raise all $15,000 by the end of 60 days or we get nothing. And nothing makes us ...

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