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Cloie Wyatt Taylor: To a Tee

Getting to Know Grape Girl Tee Sometimes, you meet someone and you’re like, “Huh. Ok.” And then sometimes, you meet someone and you go, “WOAH. Stop the presses. Hold the phone. This person is a game-changer.” The later was definitely my first impression of our Grape Girl Tee STRAIGHT out of the gate: intriguing, smart, oh-so-beautiful, slightly mysteri...

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Star of ‘Bleed’ Elimu Nelson Talks Horror & the Boot-n-Rally

  The Grape Girls + Elimu Nelson + ClubW = SHENANIGANS. Whaddup, Wine Lovers...Happy #WineWednesday! Spring has SPRUNG in all it's beautiful, floral, allergy-ridden glory. How are you WINE-ing into spring? Hey...'member when we took a look at the new movie Bleed, out NOW on iTunes and Video On Demand and in theaters in San Francisco, Tampa and Phoenix? ...

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Valentines Day Stellabration

  Happy Valentines Day, Grape Lover! In honor of this blessed holiday, here's a little poem for you, written only the way a true Grape Girl could: "Roses are Red, Wine is Red, too. Poems are Hard. WINE." When you're driving through sunny California, seeing a sign for a winery is like seeing a celebrity at the Maibu Country Mart: throw a wine glass ...

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Riesling A. Grape: Noble, Electric and Oh So Damn Picky

It's Electric Well, it's September. It's sticky. It's hot. And the only thing getting us through other than football and the promise of a cooler Autumn around the corner is, of course, WINE. (Sidebar: Football pairs JUST as well with wine as is does with beer, with about half the bloating side effect. It's an opinionated scientific fact. Just sayin'.) So to ...

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