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Tip it & FLiCK it: BLEED meets Angst

Happy Wine Wednes....er, FRIDAY, everyone! Ok, so we may be a teeeeeeny bit behind on our #WineWednesday post for the week, BUT, meeting you here, on a FRIDAY, mere hours away from the weekend, is highly exciting and gets our hearts pumping and our wine glasses begging for a refill. Tip it, Sip it & FLiCK it Have you ever thought, "Gee, this episode of The ...

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Gobble Gobble Grape Girl Style

Gobble Gobble, Y'all! Happy Thanksgiving! Ahh, yes, the day we put aside our acknowledgement of calories and carbs and glutens galore and stuff ourselves much like the bird (or birds - Turducken, anyone?) we set in front of us until our belts are loosened and someone is rolling us to bed for a nice, long food coma. Thanksgiving. Thanks GOD it only happens once a ...

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A Chardonnay Keeps The Cancer Away

Isn't that what they say? "A Chardonnay Keeps The Cancer Away?" Well, even if that's not the old saying, it's now the new normal. First, though...a confession. The Grape Girls admit that we are not the first ones to grab a Chard when it comes to the world of wine. It's not you, Grapes, it's us. We don't want to change you or make you into something that you're ...

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