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Getting to “Lo” You: The Grape Girls on Wine, Journey, and Laura L. Thomas

In the beginning of GG time, there was wine...and it was good. Then there were these two girls that started wondering what would happen if they brought a little fun to wine....and it was also good- really, REALLY good. Then came Lo and Tee...the rest is...well, YOU know. It's GG Tee here- breaking from the norm and rolling solo for a sec to share with you what ...

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Star of ‘Bleed’ Elimu Nelson Talks Horror & the Boot-n-Rally

  The Grape Girls + Elimu Nelson + ClubW = SHENANIGANS. Whaddup, Wine Lovers...Happy #WineWednesday! Spring has SPRUNG in all it's beautiful, floral, allergy-ridden glory. How are you WINE-ing into spring? Hey...'member when we took a look at the new movie Bleed, out NOW on iTunes and Video On Demand and in theaters in San Francisco, Tampa and Phoenix? ...

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Two Girls. One Jeep. An EPIC wine adventure. Episode One airing now- stay tuned for more. SO much more.   #TipItAndSipIt

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Vee-On-Yay III: The End.

Hey there, wine seekers! Lo & Tee here. We've reached the end of our Viognier road. Today, we thought we'd try just ONE more varietal, you know, just 'cause. With the help of Vogelzang Viognier from Santa Barbara, CA, we review all the big words and history lessons we've explored for the past few weeks. Kinda like a Cliff's Notes version of Viognier, for ...

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A Moment With Pinot. Noir, That Is.

The lights dim. The smoke swirls. Somewhere a random drum beats in a syncopated rhythm, announcing Pinot Noir as she approaches….no, not "approaches"…sashays towards us. Are we moving in slow motion or is she just that sexy? Her delicate, light neck flowing into a medium body, she displays a seductive label that looks painted on; as if it were made just for ...

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A Conversation With Chardonnay

    Chardonnay. The "Jack-of-all-trades" white wine. Both foreign and domestic, she is the friend that has a place at every table. Though, historically she isn't the life of the party, she IS the Grande Dame, the great orchestrator. The omnipotent one. We took a moment and sat down with this legend for a one-on-one. She arrived, ...

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