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Getting to “Lo” You: The Grape Girls on Wine, Journey, and Laura L. Thomas

In the beginning of GG time, there was wine...and it was good. Then there were these two girls that started wondering what would happen if they brought a little fun to wine....and it was also good- really, REALLY good. Then came Lo and Tee...the rest is...well, YOU know. It's GG Tee here- breaking from the norm and rolling solo for a sec to share with you what ...

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Star of ‘Bleed’ Elimu Nelson Talks Horror & the Boot-n-Rally

  The Grape Girls + Elimu Nelson + ClubW = SHENANIGANS. Whaddup, Wine Lovers...Happy #WineWednesday! Spring has SPRUNG in all it's beautiful, floral, allergy-ridden glory. How are you WINE-ing into spring? Hey...'member when we took a look at the new movie Bleed, out NOW on iTunes and Video On Demand and in theaters in San Francisco, Tampa and Phoenix? ...

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A Chardonnay Keeps The Cancer Away

Isn't that what they say? "A Chardonnay Keeps The Cancer Away?" Well, even if that's not the old saying, it's now the new normal. First, though...a confession. The Grape Girls admit that we are not the first ones to grab a Chard when it comes to the world of wine. It's not you, Grapes, it's us. We don't want to change you or make you into something that you're ...

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Pretty In Pink: Rosé All Day, Part Une

    When you think of the color pink, what comes to mind? Baby showers? All things delicate? Ballet class? Every 80's movie starring Molly Ringwald? Ding, ding ding! You're right. In addition to all of those things and many more, pink (or pinkish) is also the color of our newest wine focus, Rosé. Though technically a rosé can ...

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