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One Wine, Two Names: Grenache Is Grrrrreat

Remember when Tony the Tiger was all, "Frosted Flakes are great!" Yeah. Well. Not that. 16.2% We repeat- sixteen point two percent. No, this is not some new version of Olympic scoring, but it IS the alcohol content of the 2011 En Gedi we just experienced out of Santa Barbara County, CA. Our latest foray into wine wonder, you may be asking? Grenache, ...

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Getting to “Lo” You: The Grape Girls on Wine, Journey, and Laura L. Thomas

In the beginning of GG time, there was wine...and it was good. Then there were these two girls that started wondering what would happen if they brought a little fun to wine....and it was also good- really, REALLY good. Then came Lo and Tee...the rest is...well, YOU know. It's GG Tee here- breaking from the norm and rolling solo for a sec to share with you what ...

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Making Math Edible: Happy “Pi” Day from The Grape Girls

Happy Monday, Grape Lovers. And Happy Pi Day! Ahhh, March 14....the day before Shakespeare's ominous Ides, three days before we all embrace our Irish side, a seemingly normal day in the middle of a blooming month. Yet 3/14 has become a day among days in the mathematics world. Remember in high school when you learned about Pi (Greek letter "π"), the infinite ...

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#TipItAndSipIt to 2015: A GG Flashback

Here's the thing, y'all- when you START the year by making a drunken vision board, you KNOW it's gonna be a good one... To say that is an understatement and yet truer words were never uttered from the lips of these two Grape Girls. Looking back on our vision board, the first of our episodes for 2015, we are overcome with gratitude, love, and amazement. Our ...

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BAM BAM In Bedrock: A Journey Into Zinfandel

 When we say "bedrock" what comes to mind? A modern, neanderthal family jogging a car down a prehistoric highway? Maybe a dinosaur crane lifting boulders to the top of a caveman skyscraper? Flintstones. Flint. Stone. Bedrock. All of these things are true AND so is the fact that Bedrock also happens to be the name of our latest journey into the world of ...

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Viva La Mustard! An afternoon with Green Mountain Mustard + Rombauer Vineyards

Lo & Tee here! Last month, via social media (twitter, y'all - get on it @thegrapegirls), we accepted the challenge from Michael at Green Mountain Mustard Company to review. Always down for some grainy goodness, we gladly accepted and Michael sent us some samples: Golden Grain Mustard and Merry Berry Holiday Mustard.   He even sent along some ...

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