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In the Kitchen with our French friends, Jadot

Hey there, Grape Vine! Grape Girl Lo here, taking to the blogosphere to bring you something a little different this week. Recently, our good friends at Louis Jadot, America's #1 French wine, reached out and asked if we, The Grape Girls, were interested in participating in their first annual #ModernMeals recipe contest. Always up for a challenge, we OBVIOUSLY ...

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L’amour and Louis Jadot

Bonjour, Grape Lovers! And another happy #WineWednesday to you. How are you gonna #TipItandSipIt today? We were over the moon recently when we received a little care package at the GGHQ doorstep. The sender? The lovely Jenna on behalf of Louis Jadot wines. Remembering we had connected with Jenna via Twitter in the months prior, we were super excited to try ...

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The Grape Girls Make A Cake Part Two: The Grape Girls MAKE A Cake

Oh yeah. Remember when THIS happened: We, The Grape Girls, met ChocolatRouge and she beat our asses- both of them. All four cheeks. Her milk chocolatey wine guns blazing. Her oddly creamy consistency with a core of liquid fire.... We promised retribution, vowing to return and level the playing field. The time has come. The aim in our most innocent ...

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Pretty In Pink: Rosé All Day, Part Une

    When you think of the color pink, what comes to mind? Baby showers? All things delicate? Ballet class? Every 80's movie starring Molly Ringwald? Ding, ding ding! You're right. In addition to all of those things and many more, pink (or pinkish) is also the color of our newest wine focus, Rosé. Though technically a rosé can ...

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A Moment With Pinot. Noir, That Is.

The lights dim. The smoke swirls. Somewhere a random drum beats in a syncopated rhythm, announcing Pinot Noir as she approaches….no, not "approaches"…sashays towards us. Are we moving in slow motion or is she just that sexy? Her delicate, light neck flowing into a medium body, she displays a seductive label that looks painted on; as if it were made just for ...

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