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The Grape Girls Predict the NEXT Rosé (in absolutely no scientific way)

  The Grape Girls Predict the Next Rosé We are girls. And we like the grapes. We also like being on trend, a trait that, naturally, spills over and onto our palette’s. And nothing says trendy in 2016 like a big, pink bottle of Rosé. Spotted everywhere from boozy brunches, cocktail hours, dinner tables, front porches, lavish weddings and comfy couches ...

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Wine Wednesday FLASHBACK 2.0: Wine and Dine Grape Girl Style

Oh, Grape Vine. How do we love thee? Let us count the ways....one glass, two glass, three glass, BOTTLE. Happy Wine Wednesday! What are you planning to Tip and Sip today? A little pinot? Maybe a rosé? Whatever you choose, keep this in mind: there's more than one way to skin a grape. That' why we, The Grape Girls, invite you to get a little creative...wine ...

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