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Hey Club W…We Tasted Your Cookies and Here’s What We Found

We are Girls. And We like the COOKIES. Well, sometimes. You may have recently read an article by Club W where they paired Girl Scout cookies with some of their wines. Well, we, The Grape Girls, NEVER the ones to shy away from a challenge, saw said article and decided to put their pairings to the test. After all, it's one thing to read about it, but it's a whole ...

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TRIbella. It’s To ‘TRY’ For.

  What's the old adage, "If at first you don't succeed, try TRIbella™?" Yeah. That sounds about right. Not that The Grape Girls have failed at wine. Let's be real. We all know by now that if there is one thing we rock, it's drinking the vino. So what could possibly make WINE-ing it out better? Enter TRIbella™. Now, admittedly we, The ...

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WINE Not? A Grape Girls Super Bowl Exclusive

  Yes, the Super Bowl is all about beer and testosterone. However, on this most athletic of weekends, we, The GRAPE Girls, found it appropriate to try to bridge the gap. When it comes to the Super Bowl, can it be "Any Wine, Any Time" or should Lo & Tee be sidelined? To "un-cork" the answer, we took to the streets, surveying 11 of our DUDEliest ...

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The Grape Girls: Thinking Outside the “Box”

Boxed wine. It's a thing, y'all. Watch what happens when we discover this hidden "gem".

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