Tackling Super Bowl 50 Like a Grape Girl

Posted on February 3, 2016

the_grape_girls_logoOh, the Super Bowl. The day where the modern American man abandons his morals and rests on his beer and philly cheese steak-filled ass to watch MORE grown men try to rip each other’s heads off in pursuit of getting a ball across a line. It’s GLORIOUS. It also has given us so much over the years: It’s given us Tom Brady (that one’s for the ladies). It’s given us Janet Jackson’s boob. And most recently, it’s given us the courage to break away from the routine and live our truth.

“Screw you, Katy Perry! I’m at The Super Bowl and I’ll do what I want!” –Left Shark, 2015 Super Bowl Halftime Performer and Motivational Mover


And because we, The Grape Girls, never turn down an opportunity to have a little fun, drink a little wine and encourage some healthy competition, we’ve come up a little game we like to call Super Bowl Sip It to make your festivities that much more exciting for this Sunday’s match up against the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers. So, if you’re 21 or older, amass the masses, grab a bottle or two of your favorite vino (we HIGHLY recommend Rebel Coast Winery’s Sunday Funday, cause, DUH), and #TipItandSipIt like a GIRL on Sunday. A GRAPE girl.

Take a sip when:
-A touchdown happens
-A Field Goal happens
-A player rushes for over 20 yards
-Cam Newton throws an interception
-Peyton Manning throws an interception

Take two sips anytime:
-Eli or Archie Manning are shown at the game
-A Cheerleader appears
-Someone mentions the HGH scandal
-There’s a missed field goal
-Newton or Manning throws a pick 6

Take three sips if:
-The game goes into overtime
-Coldplay is interrupted by a surprise guest
-Manning wins the Super Bowl MVP
-Newton wins the Super Bowl MVP
-Lady Gaga has a wardrobe malfunction

Please, for the love of wine, find us on Snapchat (@thegrapegirls), Twitter (@thegrapegirls), Instgram (@anywineanytime) or Facebook so we can follow along with your shenanigans! We’ll show you ours if you show us yours… 😉

And PLEASE be safe. This game is obvy for entertainment purposes only, God rest your liver.


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