Star of ‘Bleed’ Elimu Nelson Talks Horror & the Boot-n-Rally

Posted on April 20, 2016


The Grape Girls + Elimu Nelson + ClubW = SHENANIGANS.

Whaddup, Wine Lovers…Happy #WineWednesday! Spring has SPRUNG in all it’s beautiful, floral, allergy-ridden glory. How are you WINE-ing into spring?

Hey…’member when we took a look at the new movie Bleed, out NOW on iTunes and Video On Demand and in theaters in San Francisco, Tampa and Phoenix? If you missed it, never fear…you can still find it here. Well, this week we were pouring wine for three when Elimu Nelson – friend, wine lover, and STAR of the movie – came to the GGHQ (Grape Girls Headquarters, if you’re a first-timer) to chat all things horror, wine, and the classic Boot-n-Rally.

We popped a little Oh Snap! 2014 Sparking Chenin Blanc for the occasion, a wine from our good friends at Club W (thanks, Club W!). Their very first sparking wine, this one’s made of 100% Chenin Blanc grapes and prepared using the Charmat method, a method we, The Grape Girls, haven’t really looked into a ton but certainly got our taste buds poppin’! This yummy American sparking is gonna be a huge hit for those Prosecco lovers out there, as it’s slightly acidic, super creamy and a little tart on the back side, and pairs with food like a peach. Get yours here, and if you’re new to the club, you’ll get $20 off your first order! You can also use the code GRAPEGIRLS at checkout for the same deal. BOOM! Wine. For LESS. *Side note: ClubW recommended pairing this ‘lil lady with Cheddar Jalapeño Green Onion Donuts (recipe in link). Wait, WHAT? Oh, ClubW. We KNEW we liked you.


Get $20 off your first order with ClubW by clicking here or using the code GRAPEGIRLS at checkout!

Got a movie or TV show we should watch or a wine we just GOTTA try? Let us know! Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Snapchat (@thegrapegirls) to share your thoughts and glasses by using the hashtag #tipitandsipit. We HEART you!


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