Pinot Noir: That’s A Wrap – Plus, see Jess Buttafuoco #GetOnSofie

Posted on May 6, 2015

Pinot Noir – The End of the Vine

Well, we’ve come to the end of our Pinot Noir road (cue Boyz II Men here). And what have The Grape Girls learned? SO much. For instance:

  • We’ve learned that Pinot Noir’s nickname is The Heartbreak Grape, because it’s heartbreakingly beautiful when it’s done right and it’s heartbreakingly terrible when it’s done wrong. There’s even a book about it!
  • It’s a thin-skinned grape, so terroir plays a HUGE role in how this grape turns out. For instance, as we saw, two wines can come from the same valley (like the Kings Ridge Pinot Noir and the OPP Pinot Noir, both from the Willamette Valley in Oregon) but produce a TOTALLY different tasting pinot. If you’re gonna try to tackle growing a pinot, eat your Wheaties and put your patience panties on: you’re gonna be up for a challenge to get it right.
  • Outside of France, Oregon is known for doing Pinot Noir consistently well. Most of it is grown in the Willamette Valley, about a 100-mile stretch along the Columbia River in the northwest corner of Oregon, or in the warmer southern part of Oregon called Umpqua Valley.
  • Fun Fact: “The Sideways Effect” – after the movie Sideways was released in 2004, sales of Pinot Noir went up about 20%! That’s what I call good product placement.

Pinot Noir – That’s a Wrap: Our Final Pinot

For our final Pinot Noir, The Grape Girls wanted to stick with another grape from the Willamette Valley, just for comparison’s sake. So we chose the Adelsheim 2012 Pinot Noir (you can find the 2013 version here) and, thankfully, our hearts were NOT broken by this little lady. She was the perfect companion to round out our Pinot exploration with our special guest (more on that later), with her smooth, silky texture and cherry and raspberry aromas…even a hint of spice, which I’m not mad at at ALL. Perfectly balanced, not too jammy (meaning your teeth won’t feel like they’re wearing sweaters after you Tip It and Sip It)…she’s real good, y’all.

The One, The Only…Jessica Buttafuoco #GetsOnSofie

We invited the sassy, smart, funny and all around perfect Grape Girl companion, Jessica Buttafuoco, to #GetOnSofie and The Grape Girls headquarters will NEVER be the same. This funny lady had us in fits and stitches all afternoon long, but we got her back by getting her “a little slurry”. There’s super powers, there’s wine, and *spoiler alert* a little musical interlude for your viewing pleasure. We’re still finding showtunes stuck in the Sofie couch….

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And stay tuned for next week’s videos…new wine, new country, new adventure for The Grape Girls! Oui Oui!

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