One Wine, Two Names: Grenache Is Grrrrreat

Posted on August 29, 2016


Remember when Tony the Tiger was all, “Frosted Flakes are great!” Yeah. Well. Not that.


We repeat- sixteen point two percent.

No, this is not some new version of Olympic scoring, but it IS the alcohol content of the 2011 En Gedi we just experienced out of Santa Barbara County, CA. Our latest foray into wine wonder, you may be asking? Grenache, girl. Grenache AAAAAll day.

Gruh-who? Grenache.

Like a dry berry-filled homage to childhood, this original French delight combines flavors reminiscent of a fruit roll up but with the kick-assy, hard-hit of a linebacker (that’s a football reference).

Insert the lovable clink of a glass, the pop of a cork, and then BOOM! Off to the races.

What perhaps looked like Coca-Cola (#WineHUFF) turned out to be all berry, full fruit. (Oh! OMG! Spoiler Alert: That funny moment when GG Tee ACTUALLY inhaled the wine, but like…. NOT in a sexy way?!).

Dark, red, fruity, a hint of spicy. Think…like…raspberry… strawberry… pepper…GOOD.

Known in Spain as “Garnacha”, Grenache finds itself to be not as light as a typical Pinot Noir and not as meaty as a Zin. With her flirty, earthy, sexiness, we, The Grape Girls, dub Grenache as the “Ruth Wilson” wine- minus the spouse stealing thing (shout out to all you fans of Showtime’s “The Affair”) Or, perhaps you’re more of an Eva Mendes fan? Never fear- Grenache works here too. Sultry without doing too much. Approachable AND hum-uh-nuh, hum-uh-nuh. It’s like….a wine super hero, but with less cape and more panache.

Everyone’s best guess is that she originated somewhere in the northern region of Spain, maybe around Aragon for all of you fans of Henry VIII and Tudor England history. Truth is, we weren’t there, so we’re not gonna speculate- we’re just gonna drink.

So grab your glass, sit back and enjoy.

(Did we mention that Tee snorted wine?)


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