Malbec Monday

Posted on November 3, 2014

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Happy Monday, or to those in the hashtag “know”, happy #MalbecMonday!

Malbec Monday is one of our favorite days. Why? Because 1.) It takes the sting out of an otherwise mundane start to the week 2.) It celebrates a GG favorite, Malbec!

Now, here’s the thing:

Here at The Grape Girls, we’re learning as we go. SO, what we KNOW about Malbec vs. why we LIKE it are two different things.

We KNOW that Malbec has really boomed in Argentina and we know that we like Argentinians, especially on Mondays. So naturally we like Malbec. Duh.

What we didn’t know is that the Malbec grape originated in the Bordeaux region of France and has mainly been used for blending. Apparently, it’s also one of the six important grapes in the Bordeaux varietal, or the BIG SIX *cue echo*

Now, the question becomes- who are the “big six” and who told them they were big? Do they pick on all of the other grapes, dunk their heads into the proverbial vineyard toilet? Much to investigate here…

We KNOW that Malbec is a medium gentle red that’s not as sassy as some of the other reds. We also know that she’s got a fruitier sense about her, like berries and plums. We know we LIKE berries- fruit is one of the major food groups and is loaded with antioxidants. So naturally we like Malbec. Duh.

What we LEARNED is that Malbec is not only gentle, she’s fragile and is susceptible to all sorts of grape diseases such as, mildew and this thing called “coulure”, which prevents the plants from flowering after extreme weather conditions. So many things here, plus a learning bonus; attention everyone! Like people diseases, there are GRAPE diseases too! Not to celebrate plant herpes or anything like that, but seriously- these minds just got blown. Much to investigate here as well…

Poor little Malbec. She needs a friend. Well, she just found two. We, The Grape Girls, vow to fully support and celebrate you, baby Malbec, as you deserve to be celebrated. You get beaten, but you get up and YES, you get your own day. Happy #MalbecMonday from The Grape Girls to you! Show your support today by Tipping and Sipping a glass of this delicious underdog.

The Grape Girls. We naturally like Malbec. Duh.

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