Life is Sweet with MIA ROSA

Posted on December 23, 2015


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Ciao, ama!

We, The Grape Girls, are beyond excited to introduce you to our newest friends, MIA ROSA Wines. We met these guys at A Night Of Gratitude with Athleta in Sherman Oaks, California. And boy oh boy was it gratitude, and love, at first sip. We immediately connected with Robert Michero, the mastermind behind all things MIA ROSA, and quickly learned why this wine was winning its way into our glasses AND our hearts.

MIA ROSA was created for the “sweet, sassy and classy” wine drinker (yes, please). The winemakers knew it was time for people to get “seriously unserious” (The Grape Girls’ motto) about the wine they consume. Less thinking, more drinking! So they created a lighthearted, semi-sparkling wine that’s lower in alcohol content (about 5.5%, as compared to the average 11-12% for most bottles), packed with flavor and suuuper easy to drink, and the perfect companion to any occasion morning, noon, or night. THIS wine? ANY time!

“Created in the picturesque hills of Northern Italy, MIA ROSA comes to America as a semi-sweet, semi-sparkling wine that embodies youthful energy, spontaneity, and a passion for adventure. 

At the park, on the beach and over brunch, it’s MIA ROSA time. After that exhilarating yoga workout or while making connections at this week’s breakout business mixer, MIA ROSA is the ideal reset and refresh beverage.”  –

Moscato Made Me Do ItMoscatoSuper

So, I don’t know about you, but The Grape Girls are ALWAYS down for a bubble. It just makes the whole #TipItandSipIt thing more fun. So when we learned that the MIA ROSA Moscato included tiny bubbles to “enhance her fun, savvy and luscious personality”, we KNEW we’d be down. Top it off with flavors of apricot, peach, pear and apple, and BOOM. DONE. Friends for life. Served chilled, this easy going wine is as refreshing as a summer rain, as exciting as catching a wave, as calming as the first snow on a mountaintop. Poetic, you say? Yeah, so will your mouth.

Dolce Rosso Don’t Cha KnowDolceRossoSuper

If the MIA ROSA Moscato is the bright, bubbly little sister of the brand, then the Dolce Rosso is alluring, compelling big sister. With bright, fruity flavors of raspberry and red fruit as well as the addition of tiny bubbles, she’s semi-sweet, semi-sparking and ALL yummy goodness. Also served chilled, so summertime: Watch out. You’ve just met your red wine match. Gone are the days where red wine is only seen in chillier climates or with a chunk of red meat. MIA ROSA is perfect in a July heat wave with some juicy fresh fruit AND cuddled up next to a fire while roasting s’mores with your besties.

Putting Women in the Spotlight

As if the yummy wine wasn’t reason enough to love this brand, they’ve taken it one step further. Each month, MIA ROSA celebrates a woman making a difference in her community and, ultimately, the world. In their own words, “these women combine passion, energy and desire to test boundaries and carve our a unique path. Their success in life is a direct complement to the very definition of a MIA ROSA woman,”. A wine with a cause? Supporting women making a difference? GIRL POWER?!? We LOVE it, MIA ROSA.

Think you or someone you know should be in the spotlight? MIA ROSA wants to hear about it! You can find more information about their Spotlight program here.

And while you’re at it, take some time to look around Their site is gorgeous (can we talk about that LOGO, y’all?), but not only that, the brand, like the wine, is super engaging. On almost every page, you’ll find an invitation to connect with MIA ROSA by spotlighting a friend, sharing your very own MIA ROSA Moment, and more.

Beyond their website, you can connect with MIA ROSA by following them on Instagram or Twitter @miarosawine, or through Facebook. You’ll be able to order online any day now, and you’ll start seeing MIA ROSA in stores in 2016. Get excited!

Share your MIA ROSA moment with us, and let us know what you think! Find us on Twitter @thegrapegirls or Instagram @anywineanytime, and use the hashtags #SweetSassyClassy and #TipItandSipIt.

We HEART You. And you too, MIA ROSA.


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