L’amour and Louis Jadot

Posted on May 18, 2016

Bonjour, Grape Lovers!

And another happy #WineWednesday to you. How are you gonna #TipItandSipIt today?

We were over the moon recently when we received a little care package at the GGHQ doorstep. The sender? The lovely Jenna on behalf of Louis Jadot wines. Remembering we had connected with Jenna via Twitter in the months prior, we were super excited to try America’s #1 French wine brand! What we weren’t prepared for was all the adorable extras that came along with it. Or the shenanigans that would ensue when Lo tried to speak French.

Not only did we find a bottle of the 2014 Macon-Villages Chardonnay inside our doorstep surprise, we also found the following: custom stemless wine glasses with Jadot engraved, an Eiffel Tower wine stopper, coasters, t-shirts, and….a French phrasebook (this will prove to be MOST interesting a glass or two in when Lo attempts to give herself a French lesson). Our cup runneth OVER, Jadot! Thank you! We couldn’t wait to get to sippin’.


We knew right off the bat that this Chardonnay was going to be a gooooood one. Why, you ask? Oh, dahling…I’m so glad you did. That’s because the Macon Villages, located in the southern part of Burgundy, close to the Beaujolais area, is considered an ideal region for growing chardonnay due to the limestone subsoil. Good terroir (terr-WHAT?), GREAT grapes.

Vinified (vin-i-fi-ca-tion, NOUN: the conversion of grape juice or other vegetable extract into wine by fermentation) in stainless steel tanks to extract the utmost fresh-goodness, this chardonnay has ZERO butter or oak and ALL of the minerals, florals and fruit. Lo got lots of lemon in her glass; Tee noticed all of the steel. The verdict: dry, easy, versatile and oh-so-DELISH.

*Winemaker’s note: The Macon Villages should be drunk chilled and rather young, and will be at it’s best within 5 years if kept in good conditions.

A Disclaimer and An Apology

We, The Grape Girls, would like to formally apologize for the butchering of many languages, specifically the French language, during the making of this video. Let’s be honest, there was wine involved, so things were gonna get a little slurry. But adding a French phrase book in the mix? Come ON. All bets are OFF and out the window. We’d like you to know that it’s harmless and all in good fun, and Lo hopes that whatever she lacks in lingual interpretation, she makes up for in charm, wit and good hair. She would also like to add that she took Spanish in high school.

Sorry, Mom and Dad.

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