Drinkin’ Chardonnay with Malcolm. He’s CRAZY. #GetOnSofie

Posted on July 16, 2015

The End of The Road. Cue Boyz II Men.

Well, we’ve finally wrapped up our foray with Chardonnay. We laughed, we cried, we drank, but mostly, we learned. A LOT. We learned that Tee likes no oak, even less butter and ALL rocks and minerals in her chardonnay. Lo likes a bit of butter, a hint of mineral and lotta fruit in her varietal. Oh, wine! The thing we love the most about you? Your ability to be versatile and yet so very, very personal.

The Sea and The Sun

UnknownWe grabbed a bottle of Mer Soleil 2013 Reserve Chardonnay to sail into the chardonnay sunset…and quite appropriately. Named for the two forces of nature that influence the wine, the sea (mer) and the sun (soleil), this blonde beauty has everything you love about a California Chardonnay – bright, lively, acidic and, of course, rich. And the fact that it’s fermented in French oak barrels for 12-15 months means the joy that makes it into your glass rivals the best 5-course meal around:

A powerful opening to peach, apple, lemon and baking spices. A bit of peach, pear, tropical pinapple, and banana to poke at your taste buds and say, “Hey. I’m here. I’m ready to party.” Warm butterscotch and subtle coconut artfully melded together make a full but not too heavy main course, while it’s bursting minerality and oaky finish hang around your palate and leave you pleasantly satiated but wanting more and more. Can you say, YES PLEASE?

Malcolm Barrett: The Man. The Myth. The….Banker?

Ammunition-1x1-4-of-13-300x300This complex little grape was the perfect companion to cozy up on Sofie with actor, writer, wine drinker and funny man extraordinaire, Malcolm Barrett. The Hurt Locker and Better off Ted star took a few minutes to talk to us about his work, his famous friends, his new LA based theatre company Ammunition Theatre Company, his love, or at least appreciation of wine, and how he almost was Malcolm Barrett: Hedge Fund Guy instead of the entertainer we know and love today.

Also, watch the outtakes. Malcolm’s impression of Grape Pup Lucy is pretty spot on. 

Stick around next month, GrapeVine. We’ve got a fuddy-duddy fancy pants wine for your palate comin’ up next!

Until then, we HEART you.

Tip It and Sip It!

xo Lo & Tee

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