Cloie Wyatt Taylor: To a Tee

Posted on August 10, 2016

Getting to Know Grape Girl Tee

Sometimes, you meet someone and you’re like, “Huh. Ok.” And then sometimes, you meet someone and you go, “WOAH. Stop the presses. Hold the phone. This person is a game-changer.” The later was definitely my first impression of our Grape Girl Tee STRAIGHT out of the gate: intriguing, smart, oh-so-beautiful, slightly mysterious, often surprising (don’t judge this book by it’s cover, folks), and LOADS of fun. 

Hey there, Grape Vine! Grape Girl Lo here. Last post, my girl Tee took to the blog-o-sphere on a rouge mission to introduce me, the “Laura” behind “Lo”, to the world. Today, I gladly get to return the favor and give you an exclusive peek behind the curtain of all things Tee.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 4.22.06 PM.png

I mean, come ON. Photo by the lovely Mary Freitag.

What’s In a Name

Let’s start with the basics: Cloie Wyatt Taylor, better known to you as Grape Girl Tee: the filter-free Aquarian with the mega-watt smile and one of the quickest wit’s around. This former ballerina is only child to Angela and Emerson and hails from….Maryland? Baltimore? She will usually say “the D.C. area”….Beltsville, actually, for the locals. Most people get confused when they find out our real names, Laura & Cloie, and then hear our nicknames, Lo & Tee…they assume that Cloie is Lo. Why? I dunno. CLOie, I guess? But with further investigation into the situation, it all becomes clear. Tee. Oh, TEE! Like TAYLOR. Got it.

This Cat’s Lived Nine-PLUS Lives

Not only does she have two adorable cats, Olive and Enid, but Cloie herself is an ever-evolving feline. From a young age, she was groomed to be a prima ballerina – pointe shoes and all. But life had different plans for our girl Cloie, when she landed a recurring role on ABC’s “All My Children”. Suddenly, our very own Misty Copeland-to-be went from being belle of the ballet to daytime drama princess, between Calculus and Civics class, of course.

This suburban girl with an urban soul eventually found her way to the Big Apple, where she attended NYU’s Tisch School for the Performing Arts and honed her acting chops by working with some of the industry’s finest actors via the Atlantic Theatre Company’s Acting School and the Collaborative Arts Project. She then mosey’d her way on over to LA-LA land, landing a number of roles on TV’s biggest shows (How to Get Away With Murder? Yep. Bad Judge? Sure. Revenge? GREY’S ANATOMY?!? Been there, NAILED that.) Truth be told, when she’s not being a Grape Girl, she’s busy being the next “it” girl in Tinseltown.

**FUN FACT: You can catch Cloie on an upcoming episode of the NBC comedy Superstore alongside America Ferrera and Ben Feldman. Stay tuned for the deets!**

When she’s not lighting up the screen and stage or building an empire of wine with me, Cloie can be found traveling the globe, her favorite destinations including Paris, Spain, and everywhere in between. She’s always down for a beach day, but the city is more her speed. She aspires to own property in both LA and NYC, and is the best hiking partner around, solving  the world’s problems one climb at a time. She is SO supportive and a woman of her word; she’ll show up to your birthday party, bat mitzvah, boozy brunch, 3-year olds pony party and one-man show because she SAID she would. She is a beautiful dancer, and beautiful singer, and a beautiful friend. Through and through.

How She Got To Be Tee

I first met our girl Cloie in an acting class here in Los Angeles. I know, I know…before  you roll your eyes and I hear it ALLLLL the way over here, just know a few things: we may be actors, we may be dramatic, but we are NOT crazy. We have WINE for that. Which is exactly how it all went down. I had been thinking of creating The Grape Girls for about a year before I approached Cloie about the idea. The convo went something like this:

Me: “So I have this idea….it involves wine…”

Cloie: “I’m in.”

That’s it. From there, we started to hammer out the details of what we thought we wanted to create. Because when you get a ‘yes’ from Cloie Wyatt Taylor, you don’t walk, you run, full speed ahead, and jump head-first into the ocean of creativity this foxy lady swims in. The rest is history, as they say, but it’s so much more than that: it’s past, present and an future as bright as the sun.

This one’s for my girl, Tee, who you now know as Cloie. I ADORE you.




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