Chardonnay On the Rocks. Hold the Butter. Extra Mouton Noir.

Posted on June 18, 2015


We are girls. And we like the grapes. What about Chardonnay? Well…


Enter the “Knock On Wood” Chardonnay from Mouton Noir, a beautifully crisp wine with no false pretense and nothing to hide. If you’re looking for “oaky” THIS and “fruity” THAT, this is not your wine. However, if you’re all about those minerals and prefer a Chardonnay to brightly greet you with a little 1-2-rock, THIS…this wine is for you.

Moreover (good word, yeah?), drinking the “Knock On Wood” Chardonnay turned out to be more of a teachable moment than we, The Grape Girls, anticipated. What we discovered with the help of Mouton Noir was the world of malolactic fermentation, a step in the winemaking process that isn’t really present in this wine.


Malolactic Fermentation: The optional fermentation process that converts malic acid into lactic acid.


Don’t worry. We GOTchu.

Malolactic Fermentation. The process that makes wine softer, often giving it more of a buttery quality, especially in reference to Chardonnay. “Knock On Wood” goes through little to no “malo” (as the fancy folks say) PLUS it’s fermented in stainless steel barrels. The result? An oak-free, butter-less wine where the brightness and acidity go hand in hand.

Imagine if Rice Krispies touched just a little fruit and then dissolved on tongue. Yeah…it’s that. And that fun.

The takeaway that blew the Grape Girls’ minds? We don’t like butter. Or at least not in our wine. THAT is what we don’t like about Chardonnay! All of that fake butteriness mixed with oak AND fruit. We prefer something a bit more clean and direct. A wine that isn’t afraid to be who and what it is. For Grape Girl Lo, that means a wine that’s a little more fruit-forward, maybe a LITTLE malolactic fermentation but ONLY if absolutely necessary. For Grape Girl Tee, the preference is a wine with no malolactic fermentation, acid be damned. In both cases, the preference is for fermentation to occur in stainless steel because if there’s one thing we like less than butter, it’s oak.

Ladies and gentlemen. We. Are. Learning.

In the vein of discovery, we would be remiss if we didn’t shout-out André Hueston Mack, the man behind the genius of Mouton Noir Wines.

Mouton Noir. Literally translated, it means “black sheep” in French. Ironic/not ironic for so many reasons, André and his company are ALL about being true to self, regardless of whether or not the world understands. He is unexpected, he is fun, he is…not at all what you think when you think “wine”. Except that he should be because he’s the real deal. Check out his Tedx Talks where he discusses exactly what it means to not only BE a black sheep, but the five steps towards becoming one. We, The Grape Girls, are all ears- especially when it comes to step #5…

Oh André, André, André….y’all. Need we say more? This week we #TipItAndSipIt to you.

For more information on André Hueston Mack, Mouton Noir Wines, and “Knock On Wood” Chardonnay, click here.

The Grape Girls. We HEART you.

xo- Lo & Tee

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