Cat *beep* On A Gooseberry Bush: Our First Time with Sauvignon B.

Posted on August 19, 2015


There are many unexpected flavors in this world…and most of them can be found in wine. From oak to earth to barnyard, there really isn’t an element in nature whose flavor goes unrepresented.


That being said, imagine our surprise when we encountered an unexpected sniff of life in our discovery of “Muddy Water,” a 2013 Sauvignon Blanc out of Waipara, New Zealand. The odor in question? Cat pee. Specifically “cat pee on a gooseberry bush;” a very descriptive explanation as coined by Tara Q. Thomas, the genius behind The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Wine. According to Thomas and Idiot, the urine thing is like, a common attribute in New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs.


No, they’re not actually wringing out the bladders of precious felines, however, it is a part of a larger discussion- that of a crisp, eye-wateringly bright wine that is all the rage. Known for their green aromas (green apple, grass, herbs), Sauvignon Blancs are bright, bright, BRIGHTER- Like a ping on good crystal or a very high, forward Broadway belt. Muddy Water totally displays that shock factor and then keeps on ringing.

By now you’re probably thinking that our foray into Sauvignon Blanc was about as fun as tongue tour of a tanning factory.

Au contraire, mon ami.

The more we drank, the more we liked it. True, the more we drank, the drunker we got, HOWEVER, that had no real bearing on our experience of the wine (other than giving us a healthy buzz). Each sip acted as a palate cleanser, neutralizing any taste in our mouths. Think of it as if every taste was a brand new wine note, capable of building on the last while still being able to stand alone. The sharper edges began rounding out, the “ping” became less “ping-y”.

The end result?

About half way into the bottle, we started to uncover all of the flavors actually present in the wine. Grass and green apple? All day. Minerals? SOOOO many. We were even able to (finally) uncover some toasty/nutty essences present as a result of the partial barrel fermentation (watch our video if you’re confused here).

The other handy helper in Operation: Sauv Blanc was our “My Wine Chiller Stick” from our friends at My Wine Passion ( This amazing little gadget both aerated our wine while keeping it delightfully chilled for our entire sipping experience; it was like a bucket of ice made sexy and inserted directly into our bottle. Yes. Please. More. Thank you.

The takeaway from our first encounter with Sauvignon Blanc? That not only does she have a LOT to say- we have a LOT to learn….

….and boy oh BOY are we glad that school is back in session.

xo- Lo & Tee

For more information and to purchase your “My Wine Chiller Stick,” visit

For more information and to purchase The Pocket Idiot’s Guide to Wine by Tara Q. Thomas click here.

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