Burn This: Fire & Wine for a Grape Girl 2016

Posted on January 6, 2016


Happy 2016, Grapevine!

The Grape Girls had a pretty epic 2015. We road tripped, we partied, we tipped and sipped with some of the biggest and brightest stars in the wine galaxy. We connected with so many people via social media – some fans, some foes – got our first piece of hate mail, and made a whole bunch of swag. We began new ambassadorships, started writing partnerships. and even milked a cow – almost. And though we grew a lot and gained a lot, we also learned that we have obstacles that we need to overcome to get to where we ultimately believe we are going: Total World Domination. Just Kidding. But seriously, there’s some sh*t that we, The Grape Girls, would like to release to our past and forge onward into the future with clear eyes and full glasses. While there are a few things that we set fire to in this video, the underlying monster at the core of all of them is one ugly little word: FEAR.

Fear – Ahh, that’s a biggie, huh? The obstacle that most stands in our way is, in fact, an emotion. Not a person, place, or thing, but an idea that WE put in front of OURSELVES. Fear that we don’t know enough, have enough, do enough, ARE enough. When you start to see it spelled out on paper, it seems so simple and silly and is almost angering. Why would we limit ourselves to an expectation of how things COULD go or SHOULD go, instead of surrendering to faith of how things WILL go? Well, we plan to! So we are releasing fear – of the future, of not having or creating the opportunities we want, of failure, of success, of money (or lack thereof) – into the wild.

“Hello, Sir Fear-a-Lot. Thanks for stopping by, but we are busy creating an empire and have no vacancy in our hearts, minds or glasses for you or your petty nature. Move along!”

We challenge you to also let go of fear, or whatever it is that you’ve placed in front of yourself that’s standing in your way from scaling the Success Mountain of Dreams and offer that you replace it with this: LOVE. (And if that’s too mushy-gushy for you, Acceptance, Patience, and Kindness and Generosity also work too).

To 2016 being the best year EVER. We HEART you!

Tip It and Sip It,

Lo & Tee

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