Bruce Patch Wines, Part 1 – Put Your Red (Zin) Dress On

Posted on February 8, 2017


Bruce Patch Wines Sent Us Some Vino and WOAH.

Hi GrapeVine! Lo & Tee here for Bruce Patch Wines, our newest and dearest inter-web friends. When they reached out to us and said, “Hey, we have this DELISH wine we think you guys would L-O-V-E, can we send you some?”, we were like “Um, YES. And twice on Sunday,”. Seriously, the best part of our job is finding new wines we can share with you, and Bruce Patch Wines did NOT disappoint.

In fact, they sent us such booty-kicking wine (to the tune of no less than 14% alcohol per bottle, y’all), we had to call in reinforcements.

Meeting of Patches – Bruce, Meet Party


Enter The Party Patch. The Ultimate, all-natural, hangover defense tool that gives you the confidence to drink til your party shoes come off without the gross hangover feeling the next day, all in a discreet little patch you can place virtually anywhere on your body. GENIUS, right? We know.

Party Patch has a time-lapse release of vitamins and minerals (and magic, we’re convinced) including Vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B12, to be precise), folic acid, ginseng, biotin and more to keep your body feeling great before, during and after the final cork is popped. And guys, the best part? IT REALLY WORKS. I know, we were just as shocked as you, and also did a little happy dance of praise to the Party Patch people for finally getting hangover defense right. For more info, click here. Party Patch, we fearlessly #TipItandSipIt to you, for you and because of you.

bruce-patch-wines-2013-old-vine-zin-carrerasPatches On, Patches Up

The first wine we popped was the 2013 “Old Vine” Zinfandel. Hailing from the heart of Sonoma Valley, this dense wine is a sexy blend of zinfandel, carignane, petite sirah & alicante Bouchet from vines planted in 1906 (well that explains the name). Don’t let her age fool you, though. This supple beauty won the Gold Medal at the Orange County Fair in June 2016 and was also ranked 92 points by the Zinfandel Chronicles in May 2016. She’s got a big, full body and packs a punch, but maybe that’s because she’s the first one we popped and our palates weren’t ready for all that jazz. Lo swears she gets a maple syrup finish at the end, which was delightful, if not intentional. There were 100 cases produced, and the website says it’s still in stock, so grab ’em.



Next up was the 2014 “Red Dress” Zinfandel Blend. Also a resident of Sonoma and Alexander Valleys, this little lady was lighter in body than the Old Vine but with a slightly higher alcohol content (15.1% – NOT for the faint of heart. Or liver.). According to their website, the Sonoma and Alexander Valleys have “a terroir which is world famous for nurturing unique varietals,”. A blend of zinfandel, merlot, petit syrah, sangiovese and carignane grapes, it was aged in French and American oak for 20 months. So does that mean it’s moody AND entitled? Hardly. She’s round, complex, easy to drink and even easier to enjoy. Only 90 cases produces of this one, but still in stock, you better get your hands on it before we drink it all.

Also, not for nothin’, shout out to artist Sean Colvin who did the amazing artwork on each of the bottles! We had a little fun deciding if each of the ladies on the front matched what we found inside.

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Stay tuned, because there are 2 more Bruce Patch Wines to tip and sip, and we know you won’t be disappointed! Tell us what you think once you give Bruce Patch Wines a try by finding us on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat (@thegrapegirls) and Instagram (@anywineanytime). #TipitandSipit, y’all!

We HEART you. And wine.


Lo & Tee

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