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Grape Girl
This beauty has never met a bubbly she didn’t like. Her scientific, very careful wine selection process involves her selecting the bottle she find the prettiest and once made a bath mat entirely out of wine corks.

Favorite use for wine: Brushing teeth
Dream celeb to wine with: The Dalai Lama
Favorite place to drink wine: Earth.


Grape Girl
A southern girl at heart, she’s all R&R: Light and sweet on the front end like a good Rose’, but with a little bite on the back end like a strong Rioja.

Favorite wine: Yes
Dream celeb to wine with: Richard Simmons
Favorite wine term: Tannin

Sofie D. Couch

Official Grape Girl mascot
She’s like the Magic School Bus. But for wine.

THE GRAPE GIRLS. It’s WINE for all and all for wine.

What do you get when you combine equal parts sass and sexy, a dash of outrageous, and a whole lotta wine? You get THE GRAPE GIRLS, starring the lovable lushes, Lo and Tee- and, oh yeah, Sofie D. Couch, their Magic School Bus of vino. Journey with your guides (and fellow classmates) near and far as they make wine get real… Really FUN, that is. They're the Robin Hoods of wine- cracking the code and bringing the good stuff to YOU, the people. No mission is too big, no question is too small, and NO glass is too full.