A Very Grape Girl Passover: Pass the Matzah, Hold the Gefilte Fish

Posted on April 22, 2016


L’chaim, Grape Lovers! And Happy Passover!

For starters, let us say that neither Lo nor Tee are even a little bit Jewish. However, we have a great respect for their traditions. We also have our fair share of friends who are, so when a few of them told us that of all the Jewish holidays, Passover is often notoriously known as the least appetizing in terms of food, our interest was piqued. From the wine to gefilte fish (more on that later),  the ritual dishes served in a traditional Passover Seder can be less-than-delicious.

Of course, we HAD to try it.

We scurried on over to the Whole Foods to find three of the main ingredients we’d need for our short-and-sweet seder(ish), rounding up the following items for our journey:


Manischewitz Wine – The O.G. of the P.O., this kosher wine has been filling Passover glasses since 1888. We chose the Concord Grape varietal, cause who doesn’t love a Welch’s throwback. At 11% alcohol (what seems like equal parts Dimeatapp and raw cane sugar), the perk of this wine is that it serves as the perfect palate cleanser when you get to the gefilte fish. Speaking of…


Gefilte Fish – I don’t even know how to describe it. Think: ground deboned white fish that’s been mashed up and formed into patties or balls, soaked in a gelatinous substance, and often served with a carrot. Just…no.


Matz0 – unleavened flatbread. Think kosher cracker.

First came the wine, then the matzo, and finally (and FULL of disdain)…the fish. What ensued was a moment in time that we’ll never forget and are SO happy the cameras were rolling for. There was food shoveling. There were tears. We hadn’t a Hebrew prayer of turning back.

So tonight, as the sun goes down (like, NOW on the East Coast) and millions of people sit down to a (hopefully better planned) Passover Seder, we raise a glass and say “l’chaim” to anyone celebrating the holiday. We may not totally understand the wine or food, but we sure as heck dig your take on traditions.

Mazel, and #tipitandsipit!


Lo & Tee

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