A New Year, a New American Sparkling

Posted on January 1, 2017


Hey there, Grapevine! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We’re so thrilled to ring in 2017 with some exciting news:

We, The Grape Girls – lovers of wine, seekers of Syrah and purveyors of Pinot – have recently been named Wine Tastemakers through Winc Wine Club!

Formerly ClubW, this amazing wine club is about more than just throwing some wine in a box and sending it off to your house – it’s a community of artists, professionals, and visionaries who enjoy wine and want you to as well. Their headquarters, located in the Playa Vista neighborhood of LA, often doubles as a kick-ass event space, equipped with game tables, a wall of wine, and, of course, it’s own bar.

One of their latest wines to hit the market is an American sparkling little gem of yumminess that we happen to love: Finke’s Widow Sparkling Chenin Blanc. “This fresh, bright Chenin Blanc is proof that California Sparkling is ready to be taken seriously,” according to Winc. Young, bright and crisp, it has all the feeling of a fancy-pants old-world champagne, without all the stuffy-yeasty taste. We actually thought it tasted just like peach flavored Clearly Canadian (throwback!). And WHO doesn’t love THAT?!?

*NOTE: You’ll earn $13 in credit – a bottle of wine on the house – when you click here to start your very own Winc membership! Too good to be true? NOPE. Just too good. 


Photo by Winc. Consumption by us.

Check out our latest video for more reasons why we love Winc, what had our bottles poppin’ in 2016 and what we’re looking forward to most in 2017!

From the bottom of our hearts (and glasses), THANK YOU for making 2016 one of the best yet. See you in 2017 to #TipItandSipIt some more! We HEART You!


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