A Chardonnay Keeps The Cancer Away

Posted on June 5, 2015

Isn’t that what they say? “A Chardonnay Keeps The Cancer Away?” Well, even if that’s not the old saying, it’s now the new normal.

First, though…a confession.

The Grape Girls admit that we are not the first ones to grab a Chard when it comes to the world of wine. It’s not you, Grapes, it’s us. We don’t want to change you or make you into something that you’re not. We just typically prefer our wines a little less…oaky? In my yard, sure. Buttery? In my popcorn ALL day. But in my WINE? What IS it that makes us not so fond of this ever-popular grape?

The Grape Girls were on a mission to find out. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we forged into the world of Chardonnay like miners drilling for oil. Which is fitting, given all the drilling that was happening outside of GG Headquarters at the time. And you know what? We struck GOLD…in both color and taste.

We chochardonnay-front.1432010905se a very special wine to gently ease us into our journey…a 2013 California Chardonnay from ONEHOPE Wine. After all, Chardonnay has been a staple of wine production since the beginning of wine-making time and the Brangelina of California wine makers for YEARS. Although she’s gone through some stylistic changes over the past 40 years or so, she’s still going strong and steady and is the single-best selling type of wine the state has.

Ok, Chardonnay. Challenge accepted.


Chardonnay: An Origin Theory

What we found in terms of the history of Chardonnay was not all that AHH-mazing…she’s been around FOREVER, everyone’s liked her FOREVER, and they’ll likely keep making her for FOR.EV.ERRR. However, where she comes from is often disputed. Creation, For-e-verevolution, Big Bang? What’s her story? Some say her vines are native to Cyprus, some say it was brought to France by the crusaders, some say it’s an ancient blend between Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc grapes based on the fact that the leaves of the vine look similar. But the most accepted theory comes from a DNA study done at the University of California – Davis, which found, after much poking and prodding and science-thingys, that she’s most likely a a cross between the super-common Pinot grape and the near-extinct Gouais Blanc grape (like the wooly mammoth of grapes, this grape would be on the endangered grape list…if that were actually a thing).

Tip It and Sip It like a Spoonful of Sugar

The Grape Girls were eager to get to sippin’ and so sippin’ we DID. And we were totally surprised! What seemed to happen as we sipped this wine was much like the scene out of Mary Poppins, when the practically perfect nanny gave each of the children their medicine and, much to their delight, each spoonful was a different delicious flavor. Pear and apple were the front runners, but as we sipped more it would be like, BAM! Toasted coconut! or BOOM! There’s some vanilla! Fireworks in our mouth, people. FIREWORKS. And they just kept coming. Pineapple, Banana….stainless steel? Yup. All there. All delicious. Light and balanced, like a fluffy dessert in your mouth – not overly sweet, oaky or acidic – this Chardonnay kept us coming back for more.

A Chardonnay Keeps the Cancer Away

Perhaps the best and most exciting part of our journey with ONEHOPE’s Chardonnay was the philanthropic aspect that we were introduced to. ONEHOPE, who’s wines are crafted in collaboration with Rob Mondavi, Jr., donates a whopping 50% of their profits from each and every bottle of Chardonnay sold to fighting breast cancer. In fact, every 3 cases of Chardonnay sold equals one clinical trial treatment for a woman facing breast cancer. And they don’t stop there. Some of their other causes include ending childhood hunger, funding pet adoptions, supporting our troops, and ending heart disease, just to name a few. Here’s a list of all their causes. Way to go, ONEHOPE. We think you’re really rad.

So needless to say, this Chardonnay’s winner in the heart, mind and taste buds of The Grape Girls. Tune in next week, when we dive a little deeper into the growth and production side of this sunny grape…and knock-knock-Knock on Wood while doing it.

#WineON, y’all!

xo Lo & Tee

PS – If you want to learn how you can host your very own cause-centric wine tasting event featuring ONEHOPE and The Grape Girls, click here.


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